10 Things I love about McDonald’s

Rating: ★★★★★

Ever since I was a little girl, my Tatay and I would always walk down our neighborhood back in Manila and go to one of my favorite place. A place where I get hype every time my eyes can spot that yellow fries like letter “M”. Yes! I’ve been a fan of McDonald’s every since. Through the years, it’s been a part of me as I make tons of memories with my family, friends and even with my “special someone”. Truly, this is not just an ordinary fast food chain because there are just things that you’ll definitely love about McDo more than just it’s tag line.

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  1. Happiness in a box. Well every child, even those in their mid 20’s and up still really finds happiness in every red box that McDonald’s. There are even instances that they just tend to order tons of meals just to collect and avail the toys it offers. I remember having my own shelf when I was little and still make my Tatay and Yobo buy me one up to now. 
  2. Ronald McDonald and friends. Well, I’m not really a fan of clowns nor I get excited every time I spot those colorful and “give-me-a-hug” mascots. It just gives me the goose bumps, but to some they truly enjoy playing with them and enjoys taking tons of shots being with them. So much childhood feels as they say. 
  3. Creamy Sundae with Hot Fudge. I usually enjoy just having a cup of sundae. Not only is it affordable, it is also not easily melted. That’s why one can enjoy his/her meal without worrying that the dessert will vanish.
  4. Fries and tons of fries. Well every one goes gaga over fries and I can;t deny I am one of the club as well. The fun thing about their fries is that it goes well with my sundae. I just like dipping in it. The way the sweetness and the saltiness rules over my tongue is just blissful.
  5. Gravity feels with Coke Float. It was indeed a a hit, when McDo launched their new set of twist when it comes to beverages. Sundae on a drink. Definitely one of my faves. I also enjoy every time they would create different flavors as well depending on their motif matching their happy meals. 
  6. McDonald’s ads and TVCs. Who would ever forget the most hit McDo commercial in the Philippine TV, “Eto ay para kay Gina.” (“This is for Gina”), “Karen po.” (“It’s Karen”)? Well it was indeed one of the best ones. How about the little baby who was swinging in their house that giggles when she spots the yellow letter “M” and cries when she doesn’t? How about the one where a guy had his first date with his crush and asked only a hundred from his Dad? The “El Bimbo” story and just so many more. They just truly leave a mark. (You can try watching some at Youtube.)
  7. Mouth savoring burgers! Well since McDonald’s is very Western. It truly justifies the burger taste it claims as well as the size it declares. When I mean by size, it would really take 4 to more bites before you can eat it a whole burger. 
  8. Cheaper and affordable. Where every one wants to eat something where they can enjoy not only the food but also leave their wallets smiling as well. They offer their meals in very reasonable prices and as well as offers “upgrades”. One really can enjoy his/her meals.
  9. Lovin’ Red. Well, since my favorite color now is red, it just gives me more reason to love this place. Their mark of catching attention of that flammin’ hue just gives that sizzles chills. (That’s why tons of restos goes for this shade. I know you can name a few. *giggles*)
  10. Memorable McDonald’s taglines. Every merch has their own tagline, but McDo was definitely nailed it when they had one. You’ll definitely love them. “Love Ko ‘To” truly suits it. What is amazing about this is that they also have it different languages but it has only one meaning. Cool right?
Truly McDonald’s will always be a part of me not just when I was a kid but ’til today. And I will definitely make more memories with it. But always remember and bare in mind, that too much love will kill you. At least indulge in this place once in a while. Fast foods are still fast foods as they say. So one must still manage to have the balance and healthy food and exercise as well. Just a friendly reminder from a friend that cares. 
How about you? What do you love about McDonald’s? ☺
Note: Photos of McDonald’s redbox and happy meals are not mine. I just tweaked it. 
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