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10 Things I Love About My “Tatay”

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My doodle greeting to Tatay

I’ve always been close to my father and always been spoiled by him. My sister and I would always argue who is the best Daddy’s girl and would always have fights to has the right or the turn to hold our father’s hand whenever we get to have our family days. Yes, we do take turns. We also like calling him “Tatay” rather than the usual. He has always been our king and has always treated us his little angels even when we are already in our woman phase. He never fails to bring the baby in us and never fails to give us more standards to our future husbands. 

Since my Tatay is in Manila today, I just made a simple doodle greeting for him. And this are the times how I envy my sister because she gets the chance to spend the day with him today. That’s why I come up with this post to who he is and what I love about him to show how much I am blessed as well.


A DAUGHTER’S FIRST LOVE. Yes, it might be cliche but the truth is, it is. It’s not that we expect too much from our boyfriends or to our “future husbands”, its just that our Tatay treated as much than we could possibly expect that he set a high standard on how we would like be treated as well. I am a princess indeed because my father is a king. It will never fade and it will definitely something that can’t be replace by someone even if he is the most handsome guy or his Mr. Perfect. 
THERE FOR YOU NO MATTER HOW BAD OF A MISTAKE YOU’VE MADE. Tatay has always been there to make sure that no matter bad or worst has been my mistakes he always assure me and my sister how his love for us will never change. He might angry or scold us, but that is just a reminder on how he worries for us – so much. That’s why he will never leave us no matter what the cause arises.
STAND UP FOR YOU WHEN YOU NEED HIM. His like a the “Great Wall of China” or the shield of “Captain America”, that he is willing to endure any pain that he has shun so that we will be able to be strong when the time comes that we needed him. My family has been a lot of trials, but it never stopped my Tatay on showing how much he is willing to make the foundation firmer. 
GIVE YOU THEIR HUGS AND SHOULDERS TO CRY ON. My Tatay has been one of those who never failed to make me feel the love when I had my first failed exam, first wound, and my first heartache and whatsoever trials in life that comes. He has always made his shoulders available so I can make tears flow like a waterfall as well as those warm hugs to assure that I am not alone and will never be.
PROMISES YOU THAT YOU WILL ALWAYS BE HIS LITTLE GIRL. He never fails this one. Even when I am 23 years old, every time my Tatay would give me a phone call (since he is in Manila right now), my voice would always change to it’s childish form and starts baby talking. Yes, it might be childish but this how my Tatay really communicates and I just feel I am his baby forever – and will always be. 
LOVES YOU SO MUCH AND WILL SACRIFICE WHATEVER IT IS TO MAKES YOU HAPPY AGAIN. He always assures that we are always happy and always thinks of our state before himself, even when times comes that he almost has nothing, it is fine with him as long as my sister and I are provided of things we need and want. His love for us is more than he can possibly give. I also admit to myself that I somewhat adopted this trait from him that it is okay for us to be just happy, what matters most to us is making the ones special top us happier as much as we can give them. 
IS A NUMBER ONE FAN. He has always been my number fan even when I’m not at my best. He is one of my best cheerers when I’m doing something I’m good at and when I am doing something that I really love. He always inspire me to be more than what I could possibly do and what I can be. 
NEVER GIVES UP ON YOU. I am a hard-headed type of person that I may listen but what I want still prevails, no matter what. But Tatay never failed and never gave up one me whenever I’m going in a wrong path specially. He has always been my strength as well to keep going a midst the frustrations and trials ion life. He will always there to give me hope and see the morning in a shiner and brighter day. 
BONDINGS. I grew up with a family who loves cuddling in bed and making our bonding moments every time we get the chance. We always laugh out loud and just finds happiness with the little things. 
HIS CUTE DANCES & SONGS. This is my sister’s favorite about our Tatay. He is fond of making his own renditions of dance steps, songs and as well his very own lyrics. He is just a funny man, who really has a good sense of humor that never gets old even when we are. He really knows where to tickle us and make us laugh randomly.

These are just some things that I love about my Tatay and it will never be enough to describe how much he has done for me and my family as well as to the people he touched as well. That’s why I will never trade him for any other man to be my father and my first love, because no one can take that away from me no matter what.
As for my Tatay, “I love you forever and always. Hope you’ll never get tired of loving us and making me one of your baby girls and little angels. Thank you for everything, I would have been what I today without you. I love you Tatay, it is not just for today but as everyday is another chance for me to love you, Nanay, Bing and Tutty more and more. Will forever be your slugo.”
As for the other Dads, Papa, Paps, Fathers and Dadas out there, I know that every child has the same feelings and thoughts the way I cherish my Tatay. You’ve done a good job because some of them are very thankful and loved you more as well. Thanks to you.

Happy Father’s Day once again. Enjoy your day with your Dad! Give him a hug, a kiss or have a date with him. Today is his day and I hope it will not just stop there.  Have a nice day and I hope you will have a great day ahead with him. I can wait to hear how it goes. Enjoy and God bless. ♥

*The bolded  5 quotes are based from “A Broken Hearted Daughter” (but I’m not ☺)

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