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10 Things I Love About Star Wars

This is a late post, since I was able to finish the six (6) episodes 2 months ago. Yes, I was able to finish these six (6) “2-hour span” movies in  just 2 days. How cool is that! I was so addicted that my boyfriend starts calling me “nerd” or “geek” because I watched these kind of movies. I got hooked that I even got in the Top 10 list in a trivia game that I was playing.

I was introduced to the galaxy far far away when I was in grade 5 but fell asleep at the middle of the movie since I can’t seem to understand and appreciate it at first (you can’t blame kids having a short attention span). I even started crushing Hayden Christensen (Anakin Skywalker) as the years go by. I also collected merchandises from cereal boxes with my sister but still no idea what the movie was all about.

But that didn’t stop me and my sister from getting deeper with the galactic empire. That’s why here are the things that made me fell in love and kept me stronger with the force.

1.) STORM TROOPERS. The White Soldiers.

Who doesn’t love those white clone soldiers? I’ve always been addicted to white and these Stormtroopers even made that addiction stronger. Even if they were made for the dark force, they still manages to be the coolest villain who ever existed. And I tell you as soon as I have my own house, this will definitely go with it.

2.) DARTH VADER. The Dark Force.

Who doesn’t recognize the famous Darth Vader with his famous lines confessing that he is the father of Luke. The one whose voice sounds like a walkie talkie and you can even hear his every gasp of air. There is no other villain like Vader that can actually pull of the power of the dark side, well aside from the Sith.

3.) YODA. The Wise Jedi.

Speak strange, he does best. The famous Jedi Master who talks differently but can still be understood. Talk about letting those words rumble and still be full of wisdom and knowledge. He is also one of the icons that made Star Wars worth remembering. Indeed he can see where the force can take you. Love this Master, I do.


Every fan out there wants to own droids specially these two (2) witty ones. C3PO and none other than the famous R2D2. I just love how these dudes manages to survive every battles they’ve been and manages to still beep and move in one piece (somewhat). Indeed they are the most wanted. So have you seen these droids?

5.) LIGHT SABERS. The Ultimate Weapon.

Tugshing! Bowang! That light sword that can actually cut as sharp as a blade and hot as a metal. The light saber is truly the beloved weapon that every warrior and knight depends their life and protection. I want the red one but it seems that the dark side only uses that so I have to deal with that.

6.) MILLENIUM FALCON. The Coolest Ride.

A space ship that can travel as fast as a light year! None other than the famous Millenium Falcon that lead to the successful battle in destroying the Death Star. That’s why it made me stoked when I saw this again in the Star Wars VII teaser. It just made me one happy kiddo.

7.) CHEWBACA. The Coolest Wookie.

He may seem furry and talks like Hodor but this Wookie is the just rockin’ it baby. He is just the iconic co-pilot of Hans Solo and took part in protecting the good side of force. So never underestimate and make him angry for you will just regret it. Just cute little Chewie.


We can’t deny that despite the age difference of Padme and Anakin, these lovebirds just made the movie more romantic. The way Anakin love Padme more than anything he has. Which is also the reason why he turned Vader. Too much love can really kill you and turn you into on the darker side of the force.

9.) LUKE & LEIA. The Ultimate Twin.

It may look an incest thing but the way that the force runs in their family is what makes them stronger as twins. Luke and Leia just makes every Star War fan name their child same as theirs. This one, I think shall pass.

10.) JEDI. It’s All About The Great Force.

I’ve always wanted to be a Jedi (well now I am). Being able to the do the right thing just to maintain the equilibrium of the Force. But the coolest thing about being a Jedi is being able to do the mind trick. But it only works on the weak mind. I bet you are enjoying this. Now go and rethink your life.

If you haven’t watched it, you will not get every single individual who keeps blabbering about this good stuff. And when I say good stuff, it is the coolest good stuff ever existed. Words and big applause aren’t even enough to thank Mr. George Lucas and Lucas Films. That’s why, I know every Star Wars fan out there is just so thrilled for Episode VII. Well who doesn’t? So let’s start marking our calendars and get those days counting.

 Only 61 days to go!
May the force be with you!

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