10 Things I’ve Learned in Miracle in Cell No. 7

Rating: ★★★★★
Genre: Comedy, Drama
I was curious back then what’s the reason behind almost all of my friends were posting something about a movie called, “Miracle in Cell No. 7“. I was so curious that I wanted to have a copy of it as soon as possible. Well it took me a 2 years from its release before I finally get the chance to see it. 

I’ve been always an avid fan of Korean movies and that’s why I am sure that this one will really make me laugh and cry tons of buckets. I know that this is one fictional movie, but we can’t deny that these things can actually happen in real life and it just made an impact not only to me but to everyone who watched this movie.

So here are some good lessons that you can actually get from Miracle in Cell No. 7.

1.) The love of a father to his daughter is far beyond incomparable. 
Yes. It may sound cliche but a king’s love for his princess is far beyond a prince can possibly give. They are more than willing to do everything for their little princess just to make them happy and always protected. That’s how I appreciated Yong-gu’s love for his daughter Ye-sung. Thus explains the Sailormoon bag!

2.) Sacrificing for someone you love. 
He was more than willing to testify and clear his name, but his daughter safety was more than important rather than his life. It may sound a little crazy, but once we become a parent, we become selfless and is more than willing to do everything just to protect the ones we love.

3.) Mentally challenged people are always judged. 
People who are mentally challenged are often shunned or called names. It may sound hypocritical of me to say that I am not afraid of them, but w deny the fact that they are also humans like us. They can be happy, they can be doing insane things but they also get hurt. That’s why, we should not judge them repulsively. 

4.) Power can make you blind. 
In a world we live in today, there are people who are blinded by the power they have and will use it as long as they can. They won’t even think twice. They’ll use it to gain more power or even use it against those who are inferior to them. I hate the fact that these kind of people can get away easily with their doings. I just despise these kind of people and how they rule. 

5.) Know both sides of the story. 
People tend to believe everything they see or hear at first not even bothering to know the real story or having to hear both sides. Not all that seems bad are totally evil and not all good things seems to be right. That’s why we should not narrow our minds to things we only see. We should be better that our sight and ears. 

6.) An act of kindness can make people change.
We usually get a little out of hand and forget how to see things in a good way, sometimes a little act of kindness can actually change how people see in we but also on how they can actually see the world.

7.) A child can make a point.
Adults are more mature but sometimes children can be wiser. They say that children knows nothing, but come to think of it, the things we tend to learn and understand when we are little are the once that can make a big impact when we grow up. That’s why never underestimate a child’s judgment specially in times that they make a point. 

8.) Not all gangsters or prisoners are “totally” bad. 
This may actually sound strange, but I do believe that not all who are inside the prison cell are criminals. There are those who are falsely accused and there are those who are incapable of defending themselves that why they end up there. 

9.) Bad experiences can mold us into a better person.
Traumas, fears or bad experiences can really be tough to deal with, but sometimes these kinds of trials in life are the ones who can mold us to be someone who can be far that we used to be. We can handle it differently but the more we make those trials our foundation, the better we can actually face each struggles along the way. 

10.) Always treasure the present.
Life is short and that’s why we should always make every second memorable. The mind can forget, but there are certain moments on our lives that the heart can’t forget. Because the feeling that we feel on every precious moments we make are the ones for keeps.

Don’t worry, I actually made sure that there are no spoilers – giggles – so you can get the same feels I had if you are planning to watch this movie. Hope you’ll love it too. 
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