10 Things That Life Is Full Of Ironies

It is when these little things tries to test your temper and even how change the way you view your life. But there is a twist in every end of the ironies it gives.

  1. It’s when you tend to ask for our freedom that you tend to be viewed and seen as rebels.
  2. It’s when you are asking for a little, it is never granted because it is too much.
  3. It’s when you’ve done a long list of all the good deeds, one mistake just crumples the list.
  4. It’s when you want almost everything to be done that you tend to loose focus.
  5. It’s when you focus on one thing, you tend to neglect everything aside.
  6. It’s when you care less, they notice and say you don’t care or love them.
  7. It’s when you get conscious of the time that they tend not to bother.
  8. It’s when you’re running late that you get later than ever.
  9. It’s when you say thank you for all the compliments they say you are boastful;
  10. But it is when you hate your life that other people wish to have your life.

Life gets to test you on how you can overcome it and how long can you stay to try to face it. The ups and downs can really put you to test. But as long as you trust and see it in a different angle you get to understand that the ironies can actually make you better and make you stronger. A solution that can make it “little” better or lighter in one way or the other.

Learn to enjoy it and trust in how the Lord will help you surpass every bits of it. Looking for a better day ahead each day. Because life is like a wheel, despite the irony it gets it can always turn our world upside down.

* Iron doodle credits to the owner.

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