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10 Things To Learn From A Second Chance

It’s been 8 years after Cathy-Garcia Molina directed the movie One More Chance, that almost half of the Filipino population got hooked and even those who have watched it thought that they were Popoy (John Lloyd Cruz) and Basha (Bea Alonzo). It even came to a point that even after watching it for the nth time it still gives the same feeling the very first time you saw it.

Last week, it was then the long wait sequel, A Second Chance, was shown in the cinemas. The movie had many speculations and many fans were starting to have different perspectives if they should or not watch the movie because it might ruin the OMC impact they had. Even I had the same dilemma. But this is why I love Cathy-Garcia Molina. She never failed to make the stories realistic, emotional and have memorable lines.

I just love how the movie was not overrated and how it really paints the picture of what might happen to us and when we are in a relationship So here are the 10 Things I’ve learned from the movie + some memorable lines that I know you too can’t forget.

  1. Second Chances. Well the movie will not be titled as it is, if it is not talking about “second chances right? We all deserve this. In a relationship, I believe that everyone deserves chances if they are to prove that the relationship is still worth fighting for and if they truly love one another. It may be hard at first, but the second time around will be worth it.
  2. Make every second worth remembering. It’s nice to capture or document the way you spend your day with the one you love. It doesn’t need to be expensive, just to make it unique or unforgettable. As long as you know how you two can make it memorable. (Yobo and I can’t help but laugh because of the Instax thingy since he bought me one, but this is not not about me so let’s go back.)
  3. Basha: “Kung gaganitohin mo lang din ako eh di sana hindi na tayo nagbalikan.”. Popoy: “Baka nga dapat di na lang tayo nagkabalikan!”. “Be ye angry, and sin not: let not the sun go down upon your wrath:” – Ephesians 4:26. Fighting or having arguments in a relationship is inevitable.  It would even turn out to say words that shouldn’t be said just because the two of you are mad. But the two of you shouldn’t let the sun go down and sleep without fixing it. The tendency is to make each other fire up even more if another fight arises.
  4. “Our marriage is everything we never hoped for. Masaya siya, minsan malungkot, minsan masakit, minsan ang pangit. Pero yun siya. That’s marriage.” – Popoy. Marriage is lifetime. It is a sacred oath and a vow that must be kept no matter what the odds may be. As long as it can still be worked out, marriage will last. It is how one sticks for another thru sickness and health, for thick or thin, rich and poor and only death can separate the two of you not just because of a simple argument or misunderstanding.
  5. “I have the right to know the truth no matter how ugly no matter how painful because I am your wife!” – Basha. Honesty is one of the ingredients in marriage. Being married is another stage in a relationship. This is not anymore about just yourself but how you two manages to talk to any happiness and problems that may arise.
  6. “You want me to trust you but you can’t trust me. Because if you do you should’ve trusted me. Hindi mo sana tinago. Poy ‘di mo lang ito buhay, buhay natin ito. Poy, asawa mo ako baka nakakalimutan mo.” – Basha. It is about trusting each other no matter how hard a situation can be for the two of you. It is taking the courage to open up because you always have to consider the feelings and opinion of your partner.
  7. “What if I made a different choice and a different life? I want to stop wondering what if and what is.” – Popoy. We always have this dilemma every time we fail to do something which we would have done. But life is more than having regrets. We all have our struggles, but our life is always a result of every choice we made in the first place and just have to accept the fact of the end product.
  8. “Kung pwede ko lang kunin lahat ng sakit na nararamdaman mo, kukunin ko lahat.” – Popoy. We can’t cast our pain nor even others. Pain or getting hurt just shows how humans respond to every frustrations and failures that there is to life. But that shouldn’t be the reason why we should stop moving. Sometimes a simple comfort or hug can take all the pain go away but it is time that makes it fade. We just need more of it to be able to stand again.
  9. “Why is it so easy for you to see the worst in me?” – Popoy. There are instances that people tries to pull you down and always see the bad side of you. Never even bother to the longer lists of the good side of you. They may make your life miserable or they can make you stronger. It is how we usually take it and how we usually act on it. It is not easy but I believe that everyone deserves to be appreciated.
  10. “Your love story is what you make it.” – Basha. Everyone out there should never depend or compare their love stories on books they’ve read or movies they’ve seen. It is usually up to you and your partner on how the two of you will make your own stories. Because every love story has it’s own version and has it’s own ending.

Two thumbs up for JL and Bea once again effortless acting. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, well this is the time you should go to the cinemas near you. It’s grossing more than ever. And I’m sure you too will never let go of Popoy and Basha’s story  – the second time around.

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