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2014 Filed Doodle Planner

I really got so envious when my sister had her first FILED! Doodle Planner last year! Why didn’t she even mention that a planner as such even existed! So I told myself (and her as well) that I will def have my own by next year. Her friends from FILED were so generous enough to sponsor planners! Isn’t that amazing? And she gave it to me (with a little “bit” or more of “begging”) that it serves as her birthday gift to me. I was so happy and oozing with so much joy that I finally get to laid my hands on this adorable babies.

Filed Doodle Planner that matches the artist in me. 

I can’t help but just play with the colors (which I am not good at, but now I’m trying). And as well as started flipping with the pages and making renditions to my planner. I started doodling all throughout the day and finally made to practice the artist in me once again. There are just so many ways to enjoy this planner that you too can’t help but fall in love with this as well. You can start with these kinds of stuff with your FILED! Doodle Planner.

Number #1: PROPERTY

I started making my name as the owner of such planner and making a doodle of myself. I could have done a more neater and more attractive lettering of my name, but it ended up just plain. You too can make you own lettering and as well as your design to know that the planner is yours in your own creative ways.

Number #2: MUNCHER

This serves as a simple and little bookmark to mark which day you are in your planner. And as well as to avoid flipping the pages over form the start. FILED! has provided a design for a muncher, but you too can make a personalized Muncher, just like what I did. Since I am an Adventure Time fanatic that I made a Marcelene Muncher for my planner. I am planning of making more soon as well.

Number #3: COVER

A nice little cute designed cover can make you inspire to flip more of the pages and as well as to be inspired over and over again to awaken more the creative side in you. I made a doodle of myself again since I am the owner of the planner and as well made a cute little Jake the Dog as the one in the bottom right side. I am also a fan of lines and curves as well as polka dots that I decided to combine them. You too can make your own design as well as what pleases you.

Number #4: COLOR CHART

This is like a mood tracker which can be identified through colors. The way you designate them will just vary. I hadn’t started coloring since the color chart will start by January 2014. I added a little twist to it by making a doodle of me in the chart.
Number #5: LISTS

This why I wanted to have FILED! Doodle Planner as well because you get to organize and as well be able to list the Movies you want to watch, Restaurants you want to try dining in, Books that you want to read and the Places you want to visit. It almost serve as your Bucket List in one way or the other. I wanted it to be more fun looking as well as attractive as ever that I decided to try coloring and as well as designing it. Here are the photos.

The more I’m getting the hang of this and as well as if ever given the chance I would also soon like FILED to be one of my sponsors. You too can create your own creative revisions for your Doodle Planner. Just let the creative side of you wakes up and boost more. Here’s how my first week goes. How’s yours?

And the good news, you too can have you very own FILED! Doodle Planner. Just visit their website at: filed.com.ph and purchase your very own doodle planner or you can join my sister’s giveaway as well for a chance of winning this lovely planner for your own. Visit her and click at: Superaena X FILED Giveaway. From there, you can see the “clean” version of the template design of this Doodle Planner as well.

You can start and create an artist in you and 
as well start the New Year with a fun filled one together with FILED. 

Can’t wait to see yours soon as well, just comment me so I can check it as well. Or one or two I can see your very own masterpieces at FILED‘s Fan Page, Twitter and Instagram as well.

 Happy Holidays my dear Sprinkles.
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  • Reply Reez Abinal January 11, 2014 at 2:44 pm

    May FILED ajein sa Leg/Naga? San mo nabili toh?;)

  • Reply Jeini Relova January 12, 2014 at 1:44 pm

    The sad truth wala pa both. MNL lang mayroon. I got mine from my sister. Muntik na nga ako sana mag OL shopping.

  • Reply Reez Abinal January 25, 2014 at 9:31 am

    Hahaha, Kaya daw. Yan kasi gusto ng kapatid ko pero di ko bet kaya iba binili ko. 🙂

  • Reply Jeini Relova January 26, 2014 at 2:57 am

    Hahaha. Sayang. Maganda naman po siya. Kapatid ko sabi nga sa akin, tama lang daw pala na ganito ang planner ko. Haha. ☺

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