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2015 Filed Doodle Planner

Rating: ★★★★★

Hello there guys and gals! It’s 2015 alright and sorry for being so quiet for some time. I was yet caught up with this “art block” disorder that I also ended up procrastinating so many posts, which was really so past their dates. I promise to really post them soon this month.

Well enough about that and let me welcome you with a fun filled treat! Remember those times that I kept blabbering about one of my favorite brands? Well here is a little peek about one of the coolest planners of 2015! And make sure to grab one and make this one yours too!

Filed. They always make surprises and always make organizing one of your greatest style. What I love about Filed‘s 2015 Doodle Planner is that they revamped it into a whole new level! And if you are an artist or a frustrated artist, well this planner will definitely be a great start to awaken the creative side of yours. So let’s have a little tour of what I’ve been doing with it this past few days. 
I decided to make a simple lettering of my name to show my ownership of the planner. I am still planning on working and adding some design soon on this cover, which I did with my last year’s planner
This is like your “Mood Tracker” for the next 365 days. I decided to add a little twist by adding a cute doodle of myself in it. What do you think? Hopefully I’ll be able to finish this track and be able to see how it all went at the end of the year.
Here is one of the newest feature of the doodle planner. Having a mantra to inspire you will definitely make you have those positive vibes and will make you look forward for all those blessing sand opportunities that will come. And always, God will be the one to inspire me and to guide me throughout the year. As my favorite verse says it too!
Here is another newest feature of the doodle planner. This will definitely be a nice guide on how you will be able to make your 2015 rockin’. Setting a goal will make it more fun and get you on track. 
This is what I love about the planner too, they already have a part for those things which you “want to earn for” and “can’t wait to own“. So far, I was able to have 4 (four) already. So happy indeed!
If you are a book lover type of person, this will definitely be a nice way to pile those books you’ll be reading this year. I have 4 (four) in mind – which was the very same list of books I noted on my planner last year. Sorry for not having those bookworm vibes. Maybe this year I might start working on it.
I’ve been addicted to traveling since I experienced it last year during our company’s summer journey. And from there, I can’t help but start feeding my piggy banks for future ventures. And this feature of Filed, is just one way to get those baggage loaded sometime this year! Travel Review here we come.
Movie addict here baby! And this side of the planner is always the first one to be filled and piled. It’s like a Movie Bucket List! More popcorns, chips and movie tickets soon!
Who doesn’t love food? Another side of the planner which will help you get those restos, cafe’s,  and diners be one of your destinations, to taste their delicacies sooner or later. Two spots to go, and these list will definitely go to my Food Review!
Clean sheets always attract my pens and creative side. Since  I want to try something new this year, I decided to practice some calligraphies and letterings to some of the planner’s pages. What I love about this planner is that doodling and writing on it is much easier because of the spring binder, Cool right?
This is what I love about the planner too, they have this small pocket at the back of the planner where you can put some of your important notes or something memorable to keep. I added a little twist to it by making a simple doodle on it. Oh, and they also have this cute stickers which you can stick and customize on your planner.
Here is one of my entries in my planner and hoping for a better year ahead! I tried making doodling and lettering for this year entries. I started doing this during the last months on my last planner since I’ve been procrastinating on my doodles entries. So for this year, I planned to combine them and make it simpler this time. If ever, I might start doing some colorful entries some time this month or for the next months – soon. 
So what are you waiting for? 

You can get the chance to have this 2015 Filed Doodle Planner.

Get organized with style! 
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