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5 Tips To Stay Financially Fit

 It feels good to have tons of money and be able to buy everything we see. Specially when they are a swipe away. To the point that we also adopt to what is trending and what looks good in the crowd. But we should always keep in mind that money and credit cards can really be tricky most of the time. It can lead you to many paths of spending that you can’t possibly think of. That is why we really need to be familiarized of where our money goes.

So here are some five (5) tips to stay financially fit, because it is not only our body that needs some fitness.

1) Spend your credits and penny wisely.

I would have to admit that I can be abusive with my credit cards. It can really be addicting. But I always try to control myself on when and where I will be giving the go on the swiping. That is why when it comes to your cards, it is nice to know and find what is the right kind of credit you’ll be using for your spending. Not only does it give you easy access to stuff, but it also helps you manage your expenditures. Companies like Credit Card Insider have all the information to help you pick the right card.

2) Monitoring your expenses.

I can really be organized when it comes to my expenses. To the point that I have this mini notebook categorizing and tracking all my expenses. I also have an app for that and even have an online expense tracker to make sure that I am spending my money right.

Not only does it set me on track, but it also make me aware of how I should really be using my money and where it should be going. It just feels nice and maturely when I get to spend less from my budget. Cheers to more savings!

3) Try Saving Challenges.

I love saving and I love challenges. That’s why I was really happy when I tried combining them and be on track with it. I’ve always wanted to try the 52-week challenge 2 years ago, but I always end up slacking off or cheating myself in the middle. This year, I’ve decided to make extra mile and be consistent with my list. Having lists, monitoring tools and creativity can really spice up your savings and will just surprise you at the end of the year.

4) Settle now. Be debt free.

I just don’t like the feeling of wanting things, borrowing money and buying stuff that can’t really be afford by one. Not only does it create an addicting factor in expending, but it also adds up to the debt you have from all sorts of means. Yes, it can either be loans or any other lending options that can possibly exist.

When it comes to money, it is fine to borrow once in a while and pay them on time. With my experience, I always see to it that the money I borrowed from someone will always be settled immediately. I just don’t like the feeling of having so many debts. It can either drown you or pull you into a pile of debts lists. Yikes.

5) Give back and be thankful through your tithes.

Above all things, I always see to it that I give back at least ten percent (10%) of the money I received every month. Malachi 3:10 and in Deuteronomy 14:22-26 always remind me for that. Because I believe that every blessings, specially when it comes to my money is not really mine. It is always provided by the Lord. It is such a blessing that He entrusts me with this kind of riches. It is just my way of thanking by returning what I’ve borrowed for Him. That is why, we should always give our tithes because it is really owned by God.

That is how I usually stay fit when it comes to my money. And it really feels good when you are on track and fit. I can be thrifty but I can also be extravagant, but it would be nicer if we can be smart when it comes to spending.

So how about you, how do you manage to stay fit with your finance?

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