5 Transparencies in Social Media Sites

Social media has really been so easily accessed by so many people. Almost everyone who has an account on the said popular sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr so on and so forth, would definitely agree. The speed of information nowadays are totally very fast that it can be very viral in just a second or in milliseconds. But was it all worth it to almost share all of the happenings in our lives? To be totally transparent in every aspect and part of each of us? As they say, too much of everything can really be bad not only to ourselves, but to others, but sometimes it can be the other way around – be of good help.

5 Transparencies in Social Media Sites:

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Rampant Rants. Well this will definitely go in the first list. Everyone who has this bursting emotions are very well brought to this sites. Sometimes it can be really helpful, but most of the times it just gets tons and tons of negative vibes which can’t really be helpful at all. So One should really avoid doing this to avoid misunderstandings, arguments and conflicts. Let’s just say, let’s avoid doing this and let’s just avoid those who radiates their bad radars. (DISADVANTAGE)

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Blinded by trends and by sight. We sometimes are sometimes deceived by what we read, see and hear. We should always open our minds and not be going with the flow of what everyone wants to believe. Always remember that not everything that we ought to see is ought to be believed. It would really take a whole lot of wisdom to be able to pass this. (DISADVANTAGE)

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Spreading the Gospel. Well the good thing about this is one can totally share good quotes, inspiring messages and most of all the Word of God. This will definitely be a good medium to spread and share verses, scriptures and the real message. It can be a good vibe to those specially who feels down and loosing hope. (ADVANTAGE)

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Current events, new trends and marketing. This will also be one of the means of the marketing to team where they can manage to reach a large number of consumers to patronize their products or the events that is currently happening. This will definitely a means to be be informing what is happening, trending and know what to avoid. Spreading information is easily be accessed by the means of advertising as well. Always bear in mind as well to take cautions with scams. (ADVANTAGE & DISADVANTAGE)

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Good way for Job Opportunities. Lastly, since we totally live in a very modern world, it is def very handy to agencies, & well known companies to have their services available in just a click of a button. More opportunities comes to those who are also very active exploring. One example of them is the Skyes which offers job seekers an opportunity to be at their best & be able to uphold them even better. (ADVANTAGE)

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Since being transparent can really be helpful, let’s just say we can do this at the right place and time as well. A little mystery in life can be more exciting still  than being a “broadcast person” all of your life. 

How about you?
 Do you think being transparent or these transparencies in the public eye can be helpful or not?

Note: Photos are owned by someecards & yourecards: website [x] and Skyes [x] 

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