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50 Signs of being an Agnesian

Another day and year to celebrate the day that St. Agnes’ Academy was founded and established. It is really a good way to start the month of July. To where we are able to come back to our Alma Mater and reminisced almost every corners that has really been helpful in upholding every individuals and creating that true “Agnesian” Mark or the way they call it “Tatak Agnesian”

Since I wasn’t able to attend to it’s 102 years, and I bet I’m not alone,  I decided to come up with this simple “reminiscing signs and stuff” that can really make every Agnesian nostalgic in one way or another.
50 Signs Of Being An Agnesian 

  1. Wearing those dark navy blue jumper uniforms for girls and dark navy shorts or pants for the boys.
  2. Year levels are determined by the letters that is sewn on the left upper side.
  3. Section names are based from the name of patron saints.
  4. Feast days means tons and load of foods.
  5. You love singing “Your Spirit Lives In Me”.
  6. Girls are fond of pulling their white blouse under the skirt.
  7. The thin ID strap with imprinted “St. Agnes’ Academy.”
  8. You know what “Ora Et Labora” means.
  9. You know what to respond to “That in all things.”
  10. Definitely “NO ID. NO ENTRY.”
  11. You are afraid to go beyond the “Off Limits” signs.
  12. Reasons for being late: “I woke up late.”
  13. You know that you are late, if you spot Miss Bejo roaming down the hallways.
  14. Morning praises before the start of the flag ceremony.
  15. They make you cry a lot in recollections.
  16. You loved picking santan flowers in the Rotonda.
  17. Mural paintings on the TLE area
  18. You know what “Lectio Divina” means. 
  19. Mural paintings on the walls at the back of the gym.
  20. Photos of sisters who run the school at the top of the cashier area.
  21. Reply slips are always required.
  22. Every time there is group work or individual work, you request for the teacher to hold it at the corridor.
  23. You enjoy the “color small card points” for recitation from Mrs. Raguin.
  24. One of your favorite meal to eat is Mandu.
  25. You’re afraid of Miss Bejo and Miss Carmz (but truly there’s nothing to be afraid of) ☺
  26. Guard Boyet and Guard Cynthia. One of the legends! And you’ll wonder how do they manage to still look young through the years.
  27. You know what “nuggets” is. 
  28. Pink painted cemented kiosk near the gymnasium. 
  29. Everlasting smiles. The good thing about this one is that even when you really don’t know each other personally as long as they know that you go to the same school, they really give you “smiles”.
  30. First Friday means First Friday masses meaning that their is no first subject.
  31. Teacher’s day is when you classmate or school mate becomes the student teacher.
  32. You enjoy hanging out at the guidance councilors office. 
  33. Friday is club meeting day.
  34. You know how hot it is in the gymnasium.
  35. You know what is Circular Letter.
  36. You believe in ghost stories in the comfort rooms (CR).
  37. You know the legends in Math. Sir Llagas, Mrs. Raguin and Mrs. Marbella.
  38. You know and terrified by the names Salameño, Militante and Coral.
  39. You are told and reminded by your teachers to pick up your trash and throw it in the trash can.
  40. Hand blessings to every sisters or nuns you spot at the corridor. 
  41. You are mesmerized by the “iwata” in the gym.
  42. You know the goat of SAA. ☺
  43. You miss the sound of Miss Bejo’s heels at the corridor. 
  44. You know Sir Jan and Sir Bulawan.
  45. You know “Pinangat Uniform” means. 
  46. You go to Mcdo just to have your lunch.
  47. Going to Gaisano after Periodical Tests.
  48. There are different hangouts for Agnesians during dismissal.
  49. You know Pascobillo
  50. You have a NRSV Bible.
Memories are not enough to express my gratitude for upholding me for what I am today. St. Agnes’ is more than it’s name. It can really make and produce more great individuals and be what they can be. 
“Thank you St. Agnes’ Academy, I am all that I can be.”
Truly I am proud to say I am an Agnesian!

How about you? What’s your most memorable, cheerful and interesting part as an Agnesian?

Disclaimer:  Some of the events (first 33)are based from my own experience while some posts are from TatakAgnesian. which I can really relate to and some might as well.
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