About Ajein

Hello, I’m Ajein!

I am a 20-something Jedi who purveys happiness in her #JeiniDoodles and wanders around the hues of life and everything nice. I am a Registered Nurse and Midwife from UST-AUL, but an artist by heart and mind. I am a frustrated model who just loves to do a lot of self-portraits and photography. I am one obsessive-compulsive gal who easily gets addicted and attached to red, salmon pinks, pastel hues, sunflowers, strawberries, pigs, pandas, stars, Marvel, animé, Star Wars and any thing cute. Faithfully serving the Lord since 2002 and always believe in His promises. Blissfully in love and blessed with my Yobo since 2011.

About the Blog

Ajeinomoto is a personal and lifestyle blog comprising my little musings and ventures in life. I’ve been in the blogosphere since 2009 where I compiled my artworks, make up stories, travels and experiences. It was like my online diary and portfolio.

Ajeinomoto: Story Behind Its Name

Ajeinomoto has been derived from my elementary classmates, who were actually those kind of kids who are fond of calling names and bullying. I used to be pissed off, but now I think it just serves me right. The word 尾本 (omoto) is simply used as a surname in Japanese. The name is made up characters  (tail) and  (origin). It also sounds like Ajinomoto, a popular monosodium glutamate in our country and in Japan where it adds the fifth taste (Umami) in foods.

Simple as it goes. My blog is a seasoning and spice that may add up to others lives. So come and join me with my little musings and ventures in life and may the force be with you.

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