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Ajein Wanders To Caleruega: The Hanging Bridge

One of the spots that made Caleruega and the most memorable tourist destination is the bridge connecting the path going to the famous Calereuega Chapel where many couples would do their exchanging of vows in the sacred church.

The Hanging Bridge is literally a bridge hanging above a cliff. The nice thing about this bridge is it’s not that high from the ground making it friendly for tourists who are acrophobia (fear of heights).

I get all excited every time I see a rope and a bridge. Yes, I would sometimes jokingly scare my friends (which is not really a good idea) if I can jump or shake it as we cross it. They would shun be from crossing but sadly I still managed to cross it. We waited for the bridge to be empty and had our moments with it.

The bridge may be simple but the way it blends well with the design and the nature is just so manifique. It is like paradise inside a big garden. That’s why many tourists would gladly come back and visit this place because of their trails and beautiful scenes as you go along.

* Photo credits to Jane Rocha and Anthony Lorcha.
* In this photo: Dennis Guamos, Zaira Magdasoc, Rowel Baliza, Jane Rocha and Anthony Lorcha. 

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