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    Heza Nail Spa Europe Winter

    One of my fetishes are the different hues on my nails. I’ve been hooked and been addicted to painting my nails since the day I’ve discovered it (which I can’t hardly remember).…

  • beauty, hair color, Top 10

    Top 10 Hair Color Crushes

    I’ve been addicted to coloring my hair ever since I’ve tried it. I know that coloring one’s hair, specially if it is not done by professionals, can really make the hair loose…

  • beauty, diy

    How To “Winterize” Your Nails: Julep

    Rating: ★★★★ Add caption Holidays are coming and parties are just around the corners. Clothes and jewelries will definitely be in the list but, nails do too! I have always been addicted to…

  • beauty

    Review: Sutla Flawless Papaya Soap

    Rating: ★★★★★ Hello there guys and gals!! Summer is over yet you can’t still get back that fair skin you once had or you just want to be whiter than you could possibly…

  • beauty

    Review: Excel Paris Matte Lip Creams

    Rating: ★★★★ I’ve been experimenting on how to have a pleasing look for my day to day, and since I’m also now trying to look like a professional and as well also look…

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