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    DIY Burgers

    Rating: ★★★★★I’m a fan of burgers and I have these standards when it comes to how they will make my palette and tummy satisfied. From there, I’ve always been a Burger King baby,…

  • food

    The Apple Peach House

    Rating: ★★★★★ I’ve been eyeing on this place for sometime now. It really caught my attention last year, because it is near the spot where my ride in going to work is located.…

  • food

    Pretty Sweet Tooth: Cupcake and Candy Store

    Rating: ★★★★I have always been in love with something sweet. Everything that has sugar and cute stuff always makes me so happy. Chocolates, cakes, cookies and ice creams truly activate my “happy hormones”.…

  • food, YabaYobo

    Chowking: Happy Pao

    Rating: ★★★★★ I’ve always been addicted to pigs and pandas. If I’ve started a long time ago collecting merchandises, I could have own my very own farm of them. I am also fond of…

  • food

    Marie’s Culinary Creations

    My sister and I have been eyeing on this since we were having our walkathon sometime after attending from our Prayer Meeting. The place is really eye catching and the colors will…

  • food

    Mexita: Acoustic Night

    Rating: ★★★★ It’s weekend once again. We just have this so called non-formal agreement where each weekend or when we have a jamming, there is one sponsor, where he/she will be the one to…

  • food

    Mang Inasal: Dinner with friends

    It’s nice to have friends not just the ones you already have but also have a good relationship and be able to build a rapport with your co-workers as well. We started…

  • food

    Food Box Express

    Rating: ★★★★★ Since my Aunt is fond of cooking and it has been her passion ever since, she started making this simple and small distribution in the market where they make Chicken Nuggets…

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