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  • YabaYoboAnniv

    YabaYobo: 1460 days

    This year Yobo and I decided to make our 4th year anniversary a simple one. Since we have given our gifts in advance last month, we just want to make it a…

  • YabaYoboAnniv

    YabaYobo: 1095 days

    I remember it as if it was just like yesterday. It may sound clichè one way but it seems that waking to 23rd of August seems surreal. As I opened my eyes,…

  • YabaYoboAnniv

    YabaYobo: 730 days

    We’ve been a lot of struggles and trials but still we tried to make our relationship  stand to its fullest capacity.  I guessed that taking the challenge was really worth fighting for…

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