Celebrating Life At 23

Last 7th of June, Yobo just turned 23. Yes, he is a year and months younger than me, but that wouldn’t be any hindrance in our relationship or whatsoever because they are just numbers.
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 Happy Birthday, Yobo!
Since I wanted it to be somewhat different from last year’s surprise, I told myself that I needed to somewhat level it up and make it more special for him. Since last year was not so much of what I’ve came up for his special day. So I decided to make a sketch of him and me. And the twist side is that it shows how our names really matches. Isn’t it amazing?
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Surprise Yobo!!
Birthdays will never be the same without those greeting cakes and candles to blow so I planned to surprise him as he enters our house. He kept saying that he needed to pee first, but I insisted on blind folding him or else the plan will be blown. So he just kept nagging what was I up to, while I was giggling. So as I brought up the surprise, he just kept saying “Thank You” and “I love you” on and on.
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 Birthday boy blowing his candles!

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Birtdhay boy loving his sketch
He really loved the sketch that I made and he kept on laughing how he ended up so handsome in the sketch, and I told him the power of art because we can look good the way we wanted to be, just kidding. But I was happy indeed because everything went as planned. After the surprised, we had a simple dinner at our all time favorite, Wacky’s Resto Bar. There we had his favorite Beef Stroganoff and we get to try their Pork Steak for a change, and they never fail to surprise us again because it was as delicious as any other meal they serve at a cheaper price. 
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 Addictive sauce and flavor of Pork Steak
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 Ultimate favorite: Beef Stroganoff
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Yobo & Yaba
It’s always been a blessing for this guy and I just pray that he continues to love, grow and as well as to be able live his life to the way the Lord wills him to be. Yobo has always trusted Him, and I know that the Lord will continue to make him better as time goes by. Once again, Happy Birthday to my Bibikik, Bibilabs, Yobsi-doodles, Yobsi, Yobsei and whatsoever names I could think of to annoyingly call you. I love you more and more. ♥
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