Celebrating Life At 24

Last year, we celebrated Yobo’s birthday with a simple dinner, a greeting cake and a simple anime version of us. I was having my last minute planning and starting to be anxious on what to pull off for his day this year. I started cramming and even made a big leap just to make his birthday unforgettable. Since the gift I was supposed to give him got a little problem and one of the surprises got a little bit late, I have to settle with another plan. Good thing that after the agony of coordinating and planning, everything was just in time. Since parties and eating in restos are overrated, we tried to make a difference this year.

We went to church to thank the Lord for his day and also to give back every blessing we received. He was so blessed that God made his year just great so far and words are not enough for him to express. After going to church, I was supposed to be left behind because I have to get something, but since he was persistent that we should go together, I have to think of other distractions for him not to have any idea of my plans.

The moment I get hold of the big surprise, he started to get stoked and can’t help but continuously peek on the box. He started asking questions and can’t wait to open it. He was like a kid getting excited to open a gift.

– Yobo’s Dota 2 birthday cake. 

– Sparkly candles. 

We also had our picture together, since we always want memorabilia. 

– This is one of my favorite photo. I love being goofy!
Since we were having difficulties if we are going to watch a movie or do something different, we decided to play. Yes, it has been in our list to be able to play together. Since we are both busy with our work, we decided to do it on his birthday. He was so excited and we just played for about 5 hours straight! That’s how addicted we are. 

– Playing Torchlight II. 
I was happy that I was able to pull off this year for Yobo. I am also glad he enjoyed his day. My other gift to him came a little late and I might be posting about it on a separate one. 

Happy Birthday again, my big dude. I love you. 
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