Celebrating Life At 25

I can’t thank the Lord enough for making my day worth remembering – so far. He never fails to make me feel extra special. This is the first time I have to celebrate my day without my family so yes, I spent the day with my Yobo and he never fails to pull something. So here’s a little peek on how my silver age celebration went!

Surprises for Breakfast

Yobo never failed to surprise me once in a while. I admire him for that. He may not be the type of guy who always give you want you want or give gifts everyday but he really knows when to make his girl happy. He started my day smiling indeed.


Sight Seeing for lunch

I have been telling Yobo that I wanted to try the new tourist spot on Camalig but he said that we will try going there if he gets the time and to my surprise I didn’t expect that it will be on my birthday. One happy kiddo once again!

We fell in love with the place. Yobo and I made sure that we had the balsa all for our self just to make me feel that I have the privilege of being the birthday girl. I will be having a separate post about our ventures on this lovely place.

Friendships for Dinner

This year, we made a little twist for my day. Since we seldom had the chance to catch up with our friends, we decided to have them for dinner and just had a blast for a change. It was also nice to finally get the chance to have a simple jam with these lovely couples which Yobo and I have been dying to happen.

The nice part about the dinner is that it seems that we rented the place all for ourselves. We got the chance to have the place for the night and really made the most out of it.

Birthday Goodies

Enjoying every bits of good stuff on my day. Got a chance to have my coolest birthday cake with touch of love from Yobo. Got something for myself and Yobo got me to cross something from my bucketlist, which I’ve been dying to have, Instax Mini which I will have a separate post for this one too.

And it is just a coincidence that I got to be 25 on the very same day that Star Wars VII is “25 days to go” from being shown in the cinemas! How cool is that!

Words are not enough to the Lord for everything. I also thank Him for the awesome people who shared the blessings He showered me. You’re the best, Lord! You never fail to make me feel special. Here I am and officially 25! ❤

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