Celebrating Life at 27

This year, I made sure that I would be productive so I requested my birthday to be a working day for me. I already told Yobo that we will just celebrate my day with a simple dinner. But to my surprise, he still manages to bring something off his sleeves and more surprises came along!

Upon waking up in the morning, I already got greetings from my family members and my close friends. It is really nice when someone close to you still remembers your special day and makes it extra special even with  just a simple greeting.

Sunflower, Roses and Surprises

Just when I was wrapping things at work, a surprise came along. My coworkers called me and told me that I have a package. And to my surprise, a bouquet was there waiting for me. They even started teasing me and taking pictures because they really found it sweet and thoughtful. Yobo never failed to make me smile on my special day.

Bouquet of Markers

I also got stoked when I got home because my father’s gift for me arrived on time for my birthday! Talk about packages and more surprises on my special day. Not only did I get a bouquet with my favorite flower, but I also got a bouquet full of markers from my number one fan (Dada).

My family has always been supporting me when it comes to my passion for arts, that is why I was really happy upon receiving the package. It was really one of the best birthday ever.

Blessings and Celebrations

We had a simple dinner that night and it was also a simple celebration for my promotion at work too. Talk about more blessings from the Lord right? Too bad my family was not there to celebrate it with me, but they made sure that they’ve shown their support in every way that they can (as always).

A feast for the 9 year old gal

I celebrated my birthday at Tyler’s Boulangerie + Cafe. What I love about the place is that, it is really nice and cozy. They also cater to good food and it has a nice ambiance making your day extra special.

My simple cake for my special day. Avocado cake with pistachio nuts.

It is quite true that when you age, the more you want your birthday to be exclusive and to be celebrated simple. The simple it gets, the more it becomes memorable and the more you reflect things in your life the mature way.

My age may increase but that wouldn’t stop me from exploring more and to always thank the Lord for guiding me in every plans that He wants to be fulfilled in my life. That is why I always offer my life to Him and I give the rest to Him no matter what happens. Looking forward to more ventures and to more trials that the Lord hath stored for me.

So that’s for this year on how my day went on my special day.
Looking forward to more blessings and guidance from the Lord.

Saying hello to the 9 year old gal in me. 🙂

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