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Chowking: Happy Pao

Rating: ★★★★★

I’ve always been addicted to pigs and pandas. If I’ve started a long time ago collecting merchandises, I could have own my very own farm of them. I am also fond of eating Siopao. I just enjoying eating those white dough formed into bun that I even made my own neologism calling it “PaoSio“. 

So when I saw a post from one of my friends and knew that Chowking released a new twist in their steamed buns, I definitely made sure to try them. I’ve been waiting for almost a month to finally grab them, and the long wait is over!

Aren’t they the cutest?

– Piggy Pao and Panda Pao
Chowking Happy Pao is a new product in the market of Chowking in their line of Siopao (“steamed buns“). They are molded into these cute pig and panda buns. They will really make you so happy and can’t help but grab a camera and take a picture of these cute babies. It will also give you this feeling of not wanting to eat them because they are just so undeniably adorable!

They can come in a single box where you can buy them with a drink or you can buy a Pao-to-go where you can have three pieces of these happy paos which you can choose.

These blissful delights comes in two flavors. 

  • Piggy Pao is filled with their specialty “meaty asado” while;
  • Panda Pao is filled with their delightful and mouth melting chocolate

This is definitely a new surprise that can be bought as perfect “pasalubongs” to your kiddos, friends and special someone.

– Panda Pao with my BMO’s Panda Pouch
I used to see tons of photos of these cute molded buns in Tumblr, and now I finally got my own as well. I really just can’t get enough of them, I just tried them once and I will definitely try them more! It is definitely one of my favorite buns so far. I just can’t help indulging to their cuteness and flavors. I just hope that Chowking will forever have them.

– Yobo and I doing our own Happy Pao poses. 
Have you joined the sensation as well?
What are you waiting for?

Grab yours at Chowking outlets near you, make those instashots and post your photos by tagging them @chowkingPH and using the hashtag #HappyPao.

Can’t wait for you to try and indulge them as well.
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