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[CLOSED] Unboxing March 2016 Kawaii Box + Giveaway Vol. 2

Something came in the mail this week and to my surprise the March 2016 Kawaii Box is placed on my office table. If you’ve been reading some of posts and been joining some of my giveaways, you’ll know what is up. You might be up for a nice treat!

Box filled with cute stufff

Kawaii Box: A Cute Monthly Subscription

Kawaii Box is a monthly-subscription consisting of kawaii (cute) items hand picked by the cutest team. They make sure that every item delivered on your doorstep is filled with adorable and unqiue Japanese and Korean items.


Every month they send you a box filled with endearing and awesome items selected with a variety of Japanese and Korean kawaii products.


The Kawaii Box team assures every cute customers a shipped box at the end of the month. The shipping is absolutely free so there is no need to worry.


Subscribing is 100% safe and secure when it comes to Kawaii Box. You can easily cancel or stop your subscriptions anytime you want. You can also check out the other subscription plans just in case you want extra kawaii touch.

  • 1 month plan for $18.90/month ( PhP 860.59/month)
  • 3 month plan for $18.90/month  ( PhP 860.59/month) that have perfect gift ideas.
  • 6 month plan for $17.90/month ( PhP 815.60/month) which you save $6.00 (PhP 285.00).
  • 12 month plan for $17.30/month ( PhP 787.74/month) where you get to have a free box too!

I can’t help but be bedazzled by all the cute handpicked Japanese and Korean items. So let’s start unboxing!

Look at all these cute items.

What Is Inside The Box?

The box never failed to give you the best. The subscription box contains 11 cute and adorable items:

  •  Apollo Chocolate DIY Kit
  • Kokeshi Notebook
  • Kawaii Pets Sticker Sheet
  • Emoji Plush Charm
  • Friendly Bear Color Pen
  • Stick Chewing Gum Eraser
  • Polka Dot Hairband
  • Cute Travel Lock
  • Happy Mini Towel
  • Polygon Bracelet
  • Panda Sleepmask
  • Stick Chewing Gum Eraser

1) Stick Chewing Gum Eraser

I love the fact that this eraser really smells like a gum. Yes, you read it right. It doesn’t only give you a nice erasing powers but it also give you that sweet smell as you enjoy doing some sketches and artworks.

 2) Kawaii Pets Sticker Sheet

I am fond of cute stickers and these babies are just so adorable that I don’t even want to use them or stick them anywhere. It’s as if it is a cute small zoo in a sheet. These babies are not only kawaii, but they are also soft and smooth for a sticker. That is why I enjoy sticking them and making them as my “property label” too.

 3) Panda Sleepmask

This is one of my favorite. Since I am a panda person, I enjoy this baby when I go to sleep and makes my eyes protected and comforted. I can sleep well and they are just so cute to use. I used to have another one with a heart-shaped eyes, but unfortunately it seems like our dog also want one that she chooses to play with it. Good thing I have a new one from Kawaii Box.

 4) Polygon Bracelet

Charms and bracelets use to be my fetish, but this pretty polygon is hard to resist. Not only does it have an appealing color, but also looks cool for the summer. The colors will just blend well with simple pair of shorts, white shirts and jeans.

 5) Polka Dot Hairband

Polka dots and ribbons are one of my obsessions. The zeal color is just so refreshing and it makes the hairband cuter and more appealing. This will also make your look more simple and innocent like.

 6) Emoji Plush Charm

Emojis are very popular in social medias and it is just so cute to have a soft and cute charm version of it. I got the smiley with an sticking tongue. Looking at it just gives me good vibes ahead.

 7) Happy Mini Towel

I sweat a lot and most of time I also wash my hands and this cute towel are just nice to use when you want to dry your hands or face. The cotton material is just friendly to the skin. Not only does it give you a wipe but it is also gives you that child friendly design.

8)  Cute Travel Lock

I am looking forward on using this one when I get to travel, but for know I will be using this cute protection to secure my back. Since I am a backpacker, this loch will surely make sure that mt things are kept away from any theft.

9) Kokeshi Notebook

Planners and notebooks always make me happy. I love collecting and buying them yet I never used them. I guess I am a paper hoarder and they are my weaknesses. I love the cute front cover. It just pops the colors and it makes you want to write all sorts of goals in it.

10) Friendly Bear Color Pen

I love pens and markers and this cute color pen made into my list. It writes and even colors evenly which makes some of my artworks and sketches more colorful and creative.

11) Apollo Chocolate DIY Kit

This baby are just so sweet that it melts in the mouth. The nice treat and surprise from this kit is that you can make your chocolate through this cute DIY kit. It is so cute and creative and brings out the baker in you. Delightful!

You can also avail these lovely treats and items with a 10% discount if you use their coupon codes upon purchased. How nice of them right? So which is your favorite? But wait there is more. As promised, I got something cute and little surprise treat waiting for you.

All you have to do is follow these simple rules to be one of the lucky winner
of the next month Kawaii Box.


 Let’s get those buttons clicked and win these adorable prizes!


Contest starts today, April 23, 2016 and will end on May 13, 2016.

The winners will be chosen via Rafflecopter. Contest is open WORLDWIDE.
(so don’t forget to invite your friends from other countries to join, too.)


“Why you deserve to win this cute box?”

Want to have your hands on these cute babies? Subscribe Now and you will receive a box filled with 10-12 hand-picked kawaii items directly to your home every month! What are waiting for?


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