CocoMelody: Look Beautiful On Your Wedding Day

Proposals and marriages are around the corners again. It is the year where tons of celebrities and even some of the most closest friends of ours, starts to settle down and prepare for the big day.

We can’t all deny that one of the most awaited part of the wedding day is seeing the kind of gown or dress the bride is wearing. Yes, we all get so excited and starts to check on “almost” all of the details and materials of the cloth, the apple of the eye is donning. So don’t fret for we got something that will definitely make you look beautiful on your special day.

CocoMelody: The Best Look For Your Wedding Day

CocoMelody is one of the most popular wedding dress line that delivers and caters to your wedding fetishes. They are also the leading bridal retailer that serves for almost fifteen (15) years now that guarantees an affordable and the finest material to be delivered at one’s doorstep before the big day.

Amazing Designer Wedding Dresses

The wedding dresses and gowns are made by the most prestigious designers of CocoMelody. They make sure that what you pay is what you get. Not only that, the designer wedding dresses are made out of the most exquisite materials you can find to just assure the good-quality of the dress to be worn.

Laces and Beads with Cocomelody

Wedding dresses will never be complete if it does not have the laces and the beads that can go around it. It just makes the dress more lovely and elegant. The minimal the wedding dress is, the more it looks beautiful to the bride and the eyes on her and that is what CocoMelody offers.

CocoMelody Meritorious Collections

Aside from all the laces and beads, they also offer other lines that can cater to your taste and style when it comes to dresses and gowns. Here are some of the trending collections that they offer this year.

Lily White Collection: Pure + Noble

Lily White Collection

The Lily White Collection is best known for it’s simplicity and elegance and that is what the dress gives for the bride. It also gives that holy aura when the bride starts to walk down the aisle with these lovely couture.

Fabulous Sheath-Column V-Neck | USD $ 419.00 (Php ₱20,950.00)

Grace Luxury Collection: Grace + Elegance

 Grace Luxury Collection

If you’re into a more luxurious look but still able to keep the simplicity in it, this kind of collection will do the trick. Looking like a damsel.

New Style Strapless Natural Tulle | USD $ 408.00 (Php ₱20,400.00)

Bridesmaid Dress Collection: Laces + Chiffons

 Bridesmaid Dress Collection

The lace bridesmaid dresses will definitely be the one to compliment the brides gown. That is why, CocoMelody also  offers the most elegant yet simple dresses a bridesmaid can wear.

Pretty Sheath-Column Halter  | USD $99.00 (Php ₱4,950.00)

Ida Torez Collection: Curves + Classic

This collection not only combines elegance and fancies, but it also brings out the shape of the bride when wearing these lovely sartorials.

Ida Torez Wedding Dress Collection

Stylish Trumpet-Mermaid Scoop | USD $770.00 (Php ₱38,500.00)

Personalized With CocoMelody

If you want your very own design and concept when it comes to your special dress, you don’t have to worry. CocoMelody also provides the kind of service and work to bring your fantasies into a reality.

Customized Wedding Dresses

CocoMelody collections also offers more. They also cater into other themes and genres you want to have in your wedding. They make sure that the taste of men and women when it comes to their products and accessories are met.

The look and fancies doesn’t stop there. Here’s a nice treat to all those soon to be wed. CocoMelody is giving a nice gift for you. You’ll be able to get that wonderful princess like dress without any problems on the shipping charges. How kind of them right? You just only need to follow these simple rules.

  •  Purchase a dress USD $300.00 (Php 14,029.95) and the shipping is already free.
  • Don’t forget to use the following discount codes to avail them. (See banner below).


Avail them now for this special offer only lasts in May 31, 2016.

Be the most beautiful bride to walk down the aisle and
look beautiful on your wedding day with CocoMelody!


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