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Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and any other possible Asian countries that has this cute fashion statement would always gets the attention of many people around the world. Even in the Philippines this kind of fever has been starting since Asianovelas had entered the country. But it has always been a big question as well as to where they get them. As I was surfing the net, I came across one site that really caught my attention. Even I got hooked looking and checking it en-grossly. What did I found out? I came across an online shop. And this no ordinary online shop my friends. It was just so and undeniably cute and awesome. Not only that, they come cheaper than you would expect. Thus the dream of having those type of clothes you see in televisions can be yours in just a a few clicks and will be yours in no time. You might get some surprises today as well.
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CUTE HARAJUKU. An online shop which derived it’s name, Harajuku, to a district in Shibuya, whereas the fashion statement really value uniqueness. Shibuya has been one of the popular place in Japan to where each individual has their own fashion statement and still manages to stand out. This online shop sells all sorts of  adorably eye catching stuff, items, collectibles, clothing and whatsoever fashion items you could possibly think of. Thus, the name was then conceptualize and made possible. Another name the shop goes by is, Cute Kawaii, which is a English-Japanese way to describe the cuteness (kawaii is a Japanese term which mean “cute”.) of their shop and the items that they are selling.  And I must say their shop really sticks to its name.

This online shop comes in various categories where you can actually choose from and pick according to what is your fashion obsessions, as well as collections that you’re willing to add some more. So you might be wondering what kind of items do they sell. I will be featuring here on my blog once a week some of their items so that you’ll be able to have a good idea. Let’s start cephalocaudal so that to avoid being overwhelm once you visit their site. 

If you are the type of person who likes wearing wigs for certain or special occasions such as costume parties or cosplaying then this one is definitely a must have for you. They assure you of good quality wigs. As if you’re not wearing any wig at all, because of it’s fine texture resembling the real hair. Your friends might actually think you got your hair dyed or had a new hairstyle.  Click the images for a larger view. 

Are you type of person who actually enjoys changing or having a different hue of eyes to show off, or just wants to have whole new look? Then this circle lenses are for you. The only difference of circle lenses to actual contact lenses is that this kind of lenses will make the pupils appear more bigger than the normal lenses. They tend to make your pupils looked like a doll. This are usually the type of lenses models used to appear more cute and adorable. Click the images for a larger view. 

Brushes are also one of the girls best friends when in comes to beauty. This has been one of the mediums used to apply make ups. These brushes comes in sets with an organizer to avoid any unnecessary mess during travels. The good thing about their brushes as well is that the kind of texture it sets once it touches the skin. It is soft and fine to avoid any kind of irritations to the face. Click the images for a larger view. 

Vests or more popularly known as  Tee shirts are also available here. They have cool and refreshing designs that will definitely catch your eyes. Not only does it have those summer feel designs but it is also comfortable to wear and a good choice for the summer look. It will also give you the cool punk look that will definitely match those converse sneakers and skater skirts. Click the images for a larger view. 
Comfortable loose and baggy shirts that are usually worn by the heroines in Asianovelas are also available here. Simple yet will still make you appealing without any effort in looking good? Then these cute and comfortable t-shirts will just suit your lazy ordinary day look. Their eye catching designs also comes in vintages, painting-like images that will just suit your casual outdoor style. Click the images for a larger view. 

For cold days that will still make you fashionable, are with these comfortable, soft sweaters. They also comes in cute designs and colors that is just relaxing and soothing to the eyes. It will make your colds days not just a warmer one but also a trend setter on how you will freeze them with your awesome look. Click the images for a larger view. 

A hoodie type of person who feels more comfortable just by having those comfortable loose jackets yet look simply cool without any efforts? Then here some items that will definitely satisfy that boyish and sporty look that you are aiming for. They come in different designs, colors and styles that will just make you want to avail almost all of it. Click the images for a larger view. 

Tired of those plain blue and black jeans and shorts you use to wear? Then why not try this colorful, light to bright color shorts and jeans that you can just play matching will all your shirts and blouses. Not only are they comfortable but also have those trendy hues that will definitely make the matching more easier. They are just pleasing to eyes and you will dig wearing it almost everyday.  Click the images for a larger view. 

Feeling a little bit girly yet trying not to look as if you are attending a party or occasion? Well here are the simple dresses and skirts that you can just wear on your ordinary days just by looking simple and casual. Made of soft and not thick linens that will just comfortably touch fit you, having to enjoy doing your day to day activities. Click the images for a larger view. 

Summer feels are also just a few miles away yet still don’t have those new pair of swim wears that might actually suit your summer look and body? Or getting tired of that old pair of bikinis in your closet? Worry no more because swimsuits are a click away. And not just your ordinary colored swimsuits, their styles and designs will definitely rock the beach and give you that model like feeling as well. Click the images for a larger view. 

Loves to wear skirts yet afraid of flaunting those legs of yours, then this cutely designed tights are the thing for you. Not only are they cute but they are comfortable as well as if you’re not wearing anything at all. These adorable tights will also add spice to your plain looks. They are just like leggings or stockings, when worn in a much cuter way. Click the images for a larger view. 

Good pair of shoes and boots will definitely take you to good places. Match those outfits with these affordable, adorable, simple yet sophisticated pair of foot wears. Click the images for a larger view. 

Another bestfriend to go with your look. Those jewelries will make you more rock your style and look for the day. Matching them with this charming earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings to pull it off. Click the images for a larger view. 

Time is precious, with this ravishing handmade designs. These watches will make your outfit endearing as well and will just go with any kind of style you bear in mind for the day. Click the images for a larger view. 

If you are the type who is very much addicted to bags rather than clothes, well here are the fetching goods for you to go on with your day to day jams or “gimiks”. Enjoy having those fashionably and enchanting bag design that will just go with your looks and style on that particular day. Click the images for a larger view. 
This is we’ve always been looking and waiting for. Yes! Since I’ve been so enthusiastic about having my updates once in a while on my blog  as well as I’ve been receiving tons and tons of  loves from all my readers and customers that I decided to give you a treat. Yes! a treat. *drum roll please*.
There is discount in every purchase and items you want to avail just by entering a discount code. Upon every purchase and pre-loved cute items in Cute Harajuku’s Shop (kindly refer to my Sponsor Section to directly lead you there), you will be able to have 10 % discounts in every items that you’ll be purchasing. Isn’t that amazing and exciting? You just only need to follow one simple step in availing such goodies. By then, your purchase will be discounted just by entering “ajeinomoto“. 
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Enter the discount code: ajeinomoto
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Visit their shop today! 

So are you the type that wants something unique yet still be in terms of fashion, or the kind of person who is fond of collecting undeniably cutie stuff, then this store is definitely a must try! So what are you waiting for? Get entice and nail that OOTD (outfit of the day) of yours and be the one to set the fashion on fire. Experience Shibuya through Cute Harajuku! Just don’t forget to enter ajeinomoto for your discount code to avail them cheaper! Have fun shopping. ♥

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