Cute Harajuku: As White As Snow

Rating: ★★★★★

I’ve always love the color white. Not because I’m a nurse and I used to wear my clinical uniform but it gives me that clean feeling. It like looking at the most cleanest color ever (literally). And what I love about this hue is that it can go in whatever style or color you would want it to be paired. It’s just like black where you can match without having the fear to look so weird and out of style. 

– Student White Sneakers 
I’ve been dying to have my hands on one these! I fell in love with the touch of vintage and edgy style of these sneakers. Not only does this one will go well with skinny jeans or short shorts, but these baby can totally rock those dresses, skorts and skater skirts!
 It just makes your outfit look so sophisticated and fancy at the same time. 
– Lace Metal Buckle Bike Boots
I was never a fan of boots until I started watching animes and saw those girls rock those black and red boots. But having a pair of white ones, it might be a whole lot different story. 
– Boots with heels.
I just fell for this and might start having my hand on these babies. It has this rock, chic, edge style that can totally pull of that short skirts, shorts and skorts. Why not? This will totally be cool having these pairs walk with you during your adventures and getaways around the world!
I may be boyish sometimes having to wear a pair of jeans and shirt, but baby once I laid my eyes on these skirts and dresses, they just make me weak and make me want to have them on my closet. 
– Floral laces. 
What I love about this silky skirt is that it’s white and just gives that girly vibes when you wear it. It’s like you are wearing a tutu or having that fairy dust all over you.
– Talk about details baby!
I love how the flowers are sewn finely and the patterns. It just totally suit the style. Matching this with even plain shirts or blouses will just make every look girly and fashionable. 
– Cute Lace Loose Hoodie
This little white hoodie caught my attention because it gives me that anime or Japanese style. This one can totally go well when you go on a vacation where the season is cold and snowy. This will totally look good on those Lace Metal Buckle Bike Boots and Fashion Japanese Sweet Lace. What do you think? A cute get up will totally be the end result. 
Even the button are made out of the same material of the hoodie.
– Back view of the hoodie
– More laces on the sleeves

Laces always fascinates me specially when they are done in a more detailed way. The more that they make the clothes nicer and to look more fashionable. You will definitely not get enough of laces.

– Loose laces at the bottom
So what are you waiting for? Get these cute look and nail that OOTD (outfit of the day) of yours. Be the one to set the fashion on cuteness overload. Experience Shibuya through Cute Harajuku! Just don’t forget to enter “ajeinomoto” for your discount code to avail them cheaper! ♥
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