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I know I’ve been blabbing about Cute Harajuku since I’ve started blogging on the fashion side of me, but you can’t blame me. They just have the coolest and cutest stuff everywhere! They are also one of the most nicest and accommodating international store I know – so far. And baby, I just got my package last week and I just can’t help but get too stoked. I bet you started guessing what was inside the package? Well you are right! This is just one of those treats!
I’ve been dying to have one of these since – forever! Well, not really forever, but since I love watching animes, Japanese and Korean series I just can’t help but want to have those knee high socks that the characters usually wore. They are just so fashionable and will make every look cute. 

Bear Tights Cute Girl Fashion
Bear Tights indeed are the cutest! They are like knee high socks but are more thinner. This is far the closest I can get to achieving those knee socks. It comes in different styles such as rabbits, cats and etc., but since I’m a panda lover, a bear can do the trick. 
– Photo credits: Cute Harajuku
It is comfortable to wear since  the material is made from cotton or silk which makes it soft and no fear of making any holes when you are wearing it. Unlike the usual pantyhose that are made of nylon (which is really thin).
So here are some cute shoots of the bear tights and let me know what you think of it.
For starters, I matched the tights with the same colors. It’s safer to go black and white first before trying other shades. The tights was paired with my black shirt and my polka dotted skirt. 
– Black Shirt, Polka Dotted Skirt and Bear Tights.
– Hello there cutey patootie bear. 
They are so adorable!
What I love about the tights is that it is easy to wear and very nice on the skin. They also blends well with my skin tone, it is not an eye sore which some tights usually gives when it doesn’t match the skin color. Making it all weird and not stylish. 
– Let’s make faces.
I have sets of skirts which I barely use because it is really short for me. Finally I  will be able to use them because I have these babies to make it less revealing for my legs and fashionably cute too.  

– Two bears peek a boo.
I love how these tights also makes me feel like I’m a cosplayer or a student in Japan. It’s one of my frustrations which I badly wanted to experience some time in my life soon. 
– Awkward Smile
These tights just perfectly fits my long legs. These babies that I have are  suitable for the height between 155cm to 175cm. 
I just can’t help but do some crazy cute poses with these bear tights. I just can’t resist it!
So what are you waiting for? Get these cute look and nail that OOTD (outfit of the day) of yours. Be the one to set the fashion on cuteness overload. Experience Shibuya through Cute Harajuku! Just don’t forget to enter “ajeinomoto” for your discount code to avail them cheaper! ♥

DISCOUNT CODE: ajeinomoto

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