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Desserts Unlimited: Sweetest Bazaar of the Year

I still have a hang over with all the sweetness overload I tasted last 20th of December when I attended the first delightful event in Legazpi which was the Desserts Unlimited. Not only did I had the best time of life tasting all those sugary stuff but it was also my  first time to attend and interact with various entrepreneurs and yuppies. And I must say, it was one of the best experience for the last month of 2015.

The two-day event was held at LCC Event Center, Legazpi City, Albay last December 19-20, 2015. Philippines which was organized by Sublime Event Designer Co. There made motif was too give that Christmasy feeling for the holidays and be able to showcase various delights from different entrepreneurs from the locale.

The Sweetest Bazaar of the Year had a variety of delights displayed by thirty-two (32) of Bicol Best’s Desserts local bakers and pastry shop owners. They all each had their own booth to show their finest and most popular treat that defines their shop.
Sweet O-cake-sions | Facebook

From the name itself, they offer different menus for any occasions you can think of.
Patty Cakes & Truffles by Ka Hidalgo Farm | Facebook

For coffee lovers out there. These bite size coffee chocolates are just exquisite.

Chubby’s Cakes and Cupcakes | Facebook

I am a fan of fondants and these colorful small cakes are just so cute.

Sweet Surprise by Yumi | Facebook

There delights are just so fancy. They also have these sweet looking pops.
 Bratanella Patisserie | Facebook

Brownies and bars are usually my weaknesses and these delightful bites are just both affordable and good. Their most popular bar are the Rocky Road bars each filled with chocolatey goodness and mallows.
Delish Desserts by Marjaux

 Yobo and I fell in love with their crinkles that we bought one box from them.

 Sweet Daphline | Facebook

I love how they make these cute fondant cakes and cupcakes.

Chocolate House | Facebook

I’ve been to their place and my favorite delight from them is their smores. I jusst can’t get enough of each big mallows being dipped in a bowl full of melted chocolates.

Collyn’s Truffles Delights | Facebook

They offer six delicious truffles in a box.

My Sweets Page | Facebook

This is my favorite. I love how they made these cute Christmas themed cupcakes and their icings are just so adorable.

Carlyle’s Cake Jar | Facebook

If you are a fan of cakes in jar then you should also try their sweet chocolatey cakes.

Camote Creations | Facebook

Who would have thought that camotes can be made into cupcakes? These are just yummy.

Tasse De Cafe | Facebook

I love their chocolate brownies. I am usually a fan of crispy chocolates on top and soft chewy brownies at the bottom.

Lyz Cheesecakes

Who would have thought that cheesecakes can be in different flavors.

 Sweet Treats Albay | Facebook

I love how they made a new ice cream flavor made of pili nut.

Gillian’s Cakes | Facebook

How about Elsa as a cake. This is just fabulously delightful.

Gillian’s Cakes | Facebook

I also love their cupcakes which can be available in any design you want them to do.

Yummies | Facebook

They added twist to any pastries by their set of good flavors.

C&A’s Homemade Pastillas | Facebook

They have these good and nice delights that can be eaten like lollipops.

Each servings and goodies are just a bliss to my palette and sweet tooth. The said event also had series of lectures where different chefs and bakers were able to share their experiences and passion of doing these desserts. They also gave some pointers for the aspiring entrepreneurs to be successful in what they do.

Indeed it was the sweetest bazaar of the year and I can’t wait for this year new twist for another delightful treat.

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