Embarcadero: Biking Experience

I’ve been hanging out with my co-workers every Saturdays, we went to a perspiring activity yet an exciting one. I was able to cross out another from my Bucket List, where I have to learn to ride a bicycle. Which usually I ended up crashing or losing my balance, but just last Saturday, I was able to go beyond my capabilities and got addicted to riding the bike.

Getting ready for our bicycle experience. Looking like traffic enforcers with this attire. 

I was almost having second thoughts if I should still go on, but then it was all worth the experience. I was also able to reach the end with my friends and really enjoyed the tiring pedaling. It was really worth a peso spent. We were able to enjoyed it just spending Php 60.00/hour.

Reaching the end of the boulevard with these peeps. 
Let’s go for more. 

After riding, we ended up eating at one of our cliche and so-called favorite fast-food, Mang Inasal. But the funny part is that we were not able to enjoy the unlimited rice since we were all tired and already burned too much calories while we were riding the bicycle.

Waiting for meals to be served. 
Even though we were able to finish late, it was still fun and another memorable Saturday for all of us. Next Saturday, we’ll be having a nice acoustic night jam. Can’t wait for it.

* In this photo: Zarah Maralit, Emerson Latigay, Liza Mae Daz, Jovet Azansa. Mary Rose Benitez, Maria Zaira Mabelin and Guamos. 
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