Embarcadero: Mang Inasal Experience

My workmates have been planning to have a simple jam and a photo shoot (which actually ended up being just a simple picture taking). It was a dinner treat from Ate Rose and we all had fun that night. 

Beautiful scenery of Embarcadero de Legazpi at night.  

It took as about a minute or so to actually finalize where we are going to have our dinner. We were having second thought to whether to go to Puro (Boulevard) or just stay within the Embarcadero. Since we were really hungry, we landed on Mang Inasal. 

Ate Rose calls this the little “ponkan”. Getting kalamansi overload.

We ordered PM 1.5 (the spicy chicken). We also have this mini game, where who ever eats rice more will be exempted from treating the others ice cream. It was really fun since we really availed the unlimited rice. 

The record list (in chronological order):
  • Emerson – 4 cups of rice
  • Liza, Jovet and Me – 3 cups of rice
  • Maria and Ate Rose – 2 cups of rice
The funny part was since the food was really spicy, Ate Rose raised her white flag and took the accountability of treating us again. Since the dessert wasn’t available in Mang Inasal we planned having our dessert on 7 Eleven. Fundae it is.

Since it’s really a long walk, we first spend our time on taking more and more pictures. Since we were full, we have to tuck our tummy in so that it will not be captured in the photos. We really can’t help but burst into laughter whenever someone unconsciously exposed their big full tummy.

Everyone wants to be in a frame with the others. Since it’s a jam, we all afford to take pictures of everyone. Well, except for the fact that one has to sacrifice being in the picture since someone has to get the shot. (poor Emerson, the disadvantage of actually owning a camera). 

Here are some of our cutest and nice Group Shots.

From group pictures, we also got to have our own individual shots. Each of us just loves being in the picture and everyone started to be vain. 

I also manage to have my own shots. I just can’t help but pose. I am really one frustrated model and just loves being able to pull a good shot.
I’m just loving my look here and the color of my hair since it’s rare that they cooperate whenever someone is going to take a picture of me.  

Here are the shots that I consider the best ones. My favorite “candid shot” and “group shot”. 

It was indeed a nice get together and still looking for another jam for this group. 

After doing the shots, we already went to 7 Eleven and indulged ourselves with Mix- In Fundae. We had our little chats while we were waiting for the ride of Ate Rose since she doesn’t live here in Legazpi. She has to commute to be able to go home. We were really thankful for the treat of Ate Rose. We would also want to thank Emerson for the beautiful shots he took.

We’re planning another one this Saturday. How about you guys? How do you spend your day with your work mates? Can’t wait to hear and read about it too. 

* Photos taken by Emerson Latigay.

* In this photo: Liza Mae Tan Daz, Maria Zaira Mabelin, Mary Rose Benitez and Jovet Azansa.
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