Fashion Fridays

Fashion Fridays: Saccharine Sartorials

It’s Fashion Friday! Get those sartorial go wild and rock your #ootds with these stylish finds!

Lately I’ve been attracted to something soft and sweet. I know that you are thinking about food or desserts but this time I am very much talking about colors. That is why when I spotted this cool eye catching fashion materials I can’t help but drool over it. The colors of these stylish clothes and accessories just makes me want to eat them because of their sweet tone of hues.

1) Japanese Cherry Back Pack

I love how the shade of white and pastel pink always gives that sweet attraction. Not only because of the trending Rose Quartz colors but also the additional Sakura (Cherry Blossom) design in front of it. I am very much a fan of these flowers and this bag really caught me.

Japanese Cherry Back Pack US $ 37.70 (Php 1,798.87)

Style: handbag, backpack, shoulder bag, messenger bag.
This bag is like an all-in-one type.

I love the divisions and compartments of this bag. Since I am an organizer type of gal, I make sure that all the things inside my bag are easy access and organized at the same time.

The capacity of this bag is also nice since their it is spacious and the stuff inside it will be cluttered free because of it’s box like appearance.

I love how the sweet pastel pink strap makes the bag really strong and fashionable.

2) Harajuku Rainbow Star Canvass Shoes

Rainbow colors and stars are one of my favorites. Not only does it give that sense of nebula vibes but it also gives that cotton candy look at the same time. That’s is why this baby canvass shoes made into my cutest and nice finds.

Harajuku Rainbow Star Canvass Shoes US $ 34.70 (Php 1,655.73)

Loving the soft ribbon lace.

I love how the sweet colors of light blue, pink and purple were mixed.

The sole is also comfortable because of the tendon material.

3) Sweet Lace High-Heeled Shoes

I always wanted to collect heels. That is why these lovely pastel heels were just to die for. Not only are they killer kicks but they are just so sweet giving that lady look when you wear a dress.

Sweet Lace High-Heeled Shoes US $ 34.00 (Php 1,622.33)

These lovely heels are also available in different pastel colors that will suit your style and taste.

So get those hands ready for clicking and let’s do some shopping!!! What are you waiting for? Nail that ootd of yours! Be the one to set the fashion on fire. Experience Shibuya with Cute Harajuku, Fashion Kawaii, Asian Cute and Woman Fashion. Just don’t forget to enter your discount code to avail them cheaper. Have fun shopping!!!


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