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Fashion Fridays: Sailor Moon Collection (Part I)

It’s Fashion Friday! Get those sartorial go wild and rock your #ootds with these stylish finds!

I am definitely a fan of Sailor Moon and I love how they fight the evil by spreading the love and spreading the goodness with their cutest outfits to match with their cute poses. Not to mention, they are really fashionable and every girl dreams of being one of them.

I just can’t get over with these awesome Sailor Moon collection and I know you too can’t take your eyes off them. So let’s start transforming and be one of the cutest sailor soldiers out there.

Part I: Sailor Moon Tops

One of the signature looks of Sailor Moon characters are those sailor kawaii uniforms they wear when they are fighting the forces of evil. But when it comes to the real world, these cute outfits are just looking so nice for casuals.

1) Sailor Moon Costume Japanese Bow Dresses

If you are the type of gal who loves wearing dresses like me, then this one will definitely suit you. Not only does it look good on your #OOTD poses, but it is just simple and can be a nice outfit when you do your casual strolls or be on a simple date.

Sailor Moon Costume Japanese Bow Dresses | US $30.7 (Php 1,443.38)

2) Cute Kawaii Japanese Sailor Bow Star Moon Tees

Into T-shirts do you say? Then these lovely simple sailor tees will definitely do the trick. Not only do they look comfortable, they are also very cute and adorable.

 Cute Kawaii Japanese Sailor Bow Star Moon Tees | US $23.00 (Php 1,081.36)

Hello there, sailor seal. 

These lovely shirts are also available in different colors. 

3) Japanese Cute Kawaii Sailor Moon Dress

If you are into the “top with skirt” look then this soft and sweet dress will look good on you. The pastel colors just gives that innocent and fresh look you are aiming for.

Japanese Cute Kawaii Sailor Moon Dress | US $54.70 (Php 2,571.75)

Officially a sailor soldier. Back collar with embroidered “Sailor Moon”.

Spotted those cute nekos on the skirt edges. 

4) Sweet Japanese Navy Wind Sailor Moon Sweatshirt

The touch of sweet pink on your skin will make you all dolled up and make you one of the cutest gal with these sweatshirts. Even the cute doodle design is just so irresistible not to wear.

Sweet Japanese Navy Wind Sailor Moon Sweater Sweatshirt | US $27.70 (Php 1,302.33)

Matches those cute stockings and those shorts of yours.

Simple yet sleek collars. 

5) Japanese Harajuku Sailor Moon T-shirt

A more simple sailor shirt? Name it and they have it. It just go well with your day to day shorts and those sweet skirts.

 Japanese Harajuku Sailor Moon T-shirt | US $ 25.00 (Php 1,175.39)

Just loving everything about this shirt.

 Kawaii heart shaped choker design. 

6) Cosplay Japanese Sailor Moon Cat Hoodie Coat

Too afraid to show some skin? Then this hoodie babies will do the trick, but will still make you look nice and cute. Just look at the neko design on the hoodie and Sailor Moon to go with it.

 Cosplay Japanese Sailor Moon Cat Hoodie Coat | US $34.70 (Php 1,631.44)

 Cute Usagi and Chibusa’s nekos. Also with a nice cute tail at the back.

Big cat eyes are the cutest.

7) Japanese Cute Sailor Moon Sweatshirt

They even have the darkest color if you are not into the softer side of shades. They are just to comfortable and adorable not wear.

 Japanese Cute Sailor Moon Sweatshirt | US $34.90 (Php 1,640.84)

 Also available on a different neko expression.

A nice way to wear these cute sweatshirts is by wearing it as a couple shirt. 

So there goes our Part I. Aren’t they just the cutest tops on the market? Better watch out for more Sailor Moon Collections on the next Fashion Friday Series and I assure you won’t resist them too.

So get those hands ready for clicking and let’s do some shopping!!!

What are you waiting for? Get those Sailor cute looks and let’s start fighting the evil with our kawaii outfits! Be the one to set the fashion on fire. Experience Shibuya with Cute Harajuku, Fashion Kawaii, Asian Cute and Woman Fashion. Just don’t forget to enter your discount code to avail them cheaper. Have fun shopping!!!

Which one is your favorite so far? ❤


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