Father’s Day Special: How I Met Your “Father”

I’ve been an avid fan of How I Met Your Mother, not only did I get too attached to each characters (will be making on a separate post), but the other minor ones even made the show tingle one’s heart. Today, I decided to make a more special post to all the father’s out there! I added a little parody on the title and gave way to the all the fathers of each major characters. So sit back and relax because it’s gonna be legen—- wait for it. 

– Marshall Eriksen and Marvin Eriksen Sr. 
Marvin Eriksen Sr. is one of my favorite father in the show. He is the typical dad who will watch over you and call you once in a while every chance he gets. He always checks on you and tends to tell all sort of stories and experiences on that day. He will always be there to advise and always assure you that he can truly lend an ear when you are down. That’s why when Mr. Eriksen passed away, Marshall was so depressed, being the youngest son.  Even took him months to get over and be back on his track.   

– Mickey Aldrin, Lily Aldrin and Marshall Eriksen. 
Mickey Aldrin, on the other hand is one of the weirdest father a child can have but he can surely be someone who can be surprisingly thoughtful. He was a board game developer and came to a point where he would spend the rest of time on conceptualizing and promoting his games. Lily got to a point where she doesn’t want to even see his father as long as she lives because of how she felt abandoned. But the moment her father tried to prove to Lily that he will be there in her life, she gets to know the real story behind her father’s weirdness. He is indeed a king to his princess. 

– Barney Stinson, Robin Scherbatsky and Robin Scherbatsky Sr. 
Robin Scherbatsky Sr. was a father who can’t accept that he got a daughter for a child. He wanted a son so bad that he turned Robin (even named after him) someone who she can’t really be. That’s why you can blame Robin why she desperately long for her father’s approval and praises because she always want to be someone whom her father will be proud of. But in the end, she can’t really be totally happy because she knows that she is really someone different. The were able to be partially fine when Robin and Barney was about to get married. 

– Jerome Wittaker and Barney Stinson. 
Jerome Wittaker is the typical dad next door. He was someone who wants a normal happy family. That’s why when he got the chance to meet Barney, who was his love child, he wanted to do the best he can to make up for every lost times and chances. It was hard for Barney to accept at first that his father was not the same cool man he used to be that Jerome even come to a point to put on act so that Barney would accept him. But in the end, Barney was able to accept and feel blessed for having to finally meet his dad.  

– Alfred Mosby and Virginia Mosby.
Alfred Mosby, unlike his son, he was only a man of few words. He only gets the chance to bond with Ted with their common likes. Despite the family problem that Ted had experienced with his family, he was still there to be father for him no matter what. It even came to a point where they have to act that his mom is still happily married just to save Ted from being depress and having to experience a broken family.

Fathers are usually the ones taken for granted since most of the time, mothers are the ones given extra credit from all the hard work from bearing a child down to raising one. But let’s not forget, that without the help of our father in loving our mothers and nurturing us, we wouldn’t even be existing in the first place. It’s not always about the chromosomes they’ve contributed but there is far more than what our father’s can do for their children. 

So how about giving them the extra credit not only their day, but why not show them how much you appreciate and love them everyday of your life. Remember, you do really owe your life to them despite all those flaws. Father’s are usually one of those people who would do everything even risking their lives. Give them the best hug you can give and show how much they mean to you!

Happy Father’s Day to your Dad!
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