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Figure 1: An Instagram for Doctors

I have always wanted to be a doctor. Be one of those who specializes on obstetrics, pediatrics, neurology or become one of the greatest surgeon in my country. Knowing  all the pathophysiology of a certain disease or the most complicated matter in anatomy of my patients, but sadly due to some certain circumstances I just ended up with a midwife and nurse license. But that doesn’t stop me from enjoying the good and coolest stuff when in comes to the medical field.

One of my medical student friend, Niño Xedric, shared and introduced to me one of the coolest application that combines that Instagram feels and online encyclopedia. An Instagram for doctors? How cool is that right? Who would have thought that such kind of app could possibly exist.

Discover compelling medical cases

What Is Figure 1?

Figure 1 is an application that compiles images, information and focused education in a more fun and interactive way. It is also a community of health care professionals sharing their experiences and IEC that gives a more effective learning experience.

Photo grabbed from Figure 1

What is it about?

Figure 1 doesn’t only provide the users images or information about a particular illness but it offers many more great features where you can get more from a typical medical handy site.

  • LATEST – providing the latest trends and cases on the medical field.
  • MEDICAL EDUCATION – where every one can learn more and serves as an IEC material.
  • MEDICAL INDUSTRY – the latest trends on the industries and technologies that are being used.
  • IMAGE OF THE WEEK – the most ranked image shared that shares and gives information about a particular case.
  • INTERVIEWS – giving views and answering questions in a particular case or disease.
  • FIGURE 1 UPDATES – trends and updates regarding their application, blogs and news.
  • AMBASSADORS – health care professionals who are members of the Figure 1 can be the one to lead the community for the month and be able to share their experiences and knowledge about the world of medicines and science.

How can I get the app?

You only need to follow this two (2) simple step to get that cool medical library.


The Figure 1 is a free application that can be downloaded via Google Play or via App Store.


Upon signing up, you just need to confirm your account. Once you verified your account you get to earn your badge for your profile.

Photo grabbed from Google Play

What is it for me?

Not only that, you can have more perks once you set your Figure 1 account. Your uploaded photos can also get certain points where it can be ranked higher and your comments an favorites can also hold more weight. A really nice way to learn and have fun.

If you are the type of person who just gets fascinated with the medical field, a frustrated medical practitioner, or just enjoys every bits of science then you should get this one. This is your figure!

Grab yours now and let’s be friends (username:jeinirelova)  for the love of medicine.


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  • Reply cvshv June 5, 2017 at 7:43 pm

    Josh Landy thought up the idea for Figure 1 when he noticed that doctors were texting each other photos in order to communicate about cases.

    • Reply Ajein Relova June 9, 2017 at 4:05 am

      Yes, this is really a helpful application where the medical practitioners can communicate despite the language barriers. Cool sin’t it?

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