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I’ve always been anxious when my things are not organized or something is not in its rightful place. Maybe this because I’m a Type A Personality. Yes, proud and loud to be an OCPD in a rate of 7-9 – so far. Sometimes being codified is not much of a perks. I usually tend to want everything going in my way, yet getting frustrated because it is never enough. Until everything changed when I found the answer. 
I got to know FILED from my sister  last 2013, and how I wish I’ve known them way back when I was still a student. It would have been a more “fun studying school years” and could have been handy when I was reviewing for my board examinations as well. Ever since, I’ve been hooked to it and my sister are just their babies as well as “self proclaimed FILED Ambassadors” in our own ways. 

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I totally fell in love with all of the hues and prisms that are available. The Flamin’ Red, Magma Orange, Sunburst Yellow, Funky Green, Electric Blue, Hot Pink, and Midnight Black. Since my fave color is red, all of my goodies from Filed are def Flamin’ Red.

FILED! Doodle Planner. This is the very first product that I got from them which my sister gave me. This has always been part of my life as well for it holds every events, schedules and memoirs as my year goes. I’ve featured this one in one of my posts [x].
FILED! File Folder. Ever since FILED entered my life, opportunities comes as well. My important documents are kept here in a more organized way. Not only that, I got this product from them. Yes! Aren’t they the best! They became my sponsor (my very first) which I am very blessed. Not only they give you good quality products but as well inspires every individuals to be their best. Review [xProduct [x]
FILED! Pen Capsule. This one is from my sister as her gift for me and since I’ve been “non-stop-reminding-getting-in-her-nerves” to get me this one. It nice to place your pens in a way that you can easily access them and they never get out of place inside. There’s also a surprise about this one because this is not just your ordinary pencil case. It’s Pen Capsule [x]! 
FILED! Moodi Plushy. This cute plushy is indeed adorable, which I got from joining their “Doodle for the month” from my planner. They also give Moodi monster to those who buy their planners. [x]
FILED! Pocket Wallet. I’ve been dying to have this one when after they launched these sometime in April. They also added a twist to this product that it was their best selling product for this year. I also can’t wait to have this baby because it’s red! [x]

FILED! Link Notes. This one was my prize which I got when I joined the #FILEDTop31 for they newest campaign for this school year. They really overdid and it was a success to empower more students as well as professional to be a Topnotch in their own ways. [x]

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As of now, I have 6 (six) FILED products that really helped me plan and be systematic on my daily routines as well. I just collate these in a span of a half a year. Isn’t it amazing?!
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Lovin’ my Flamin’ Red FILED goodies

I can’t wait to get hold of the other new products and other products that might come out of their creative juices. Being organized has never been this fun and it is in style as well.
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You can check their official website at to fully see the other goodies and new products that they are offering or you can visit their other sites for more of their happy customers at: Facebook | Twitter | IG |. You might find yourself FILED-ing as well. 
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