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Hello there sprinkles! It’s almost 2 weeks since I got my prize from the 31-Day Challenge and I just can’t get enough of  the new freebie that comes along with my new planner. I’ve been a Filed Doodle Planner this year which comes with a garterized pen holder, but they only used to have about 2-3 slots. This year Filed added a new twist to their planners and pen holders which they really made extra special! 
Again they have outdone it with a Pen Slinger!
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What is a PEN SLINGER?

A Pen Slinger is a the newest item that comes along with the 
2015 Filed Doodle Planner when purchased online. 

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Presenting to you the Filed Pen Slinger! Tada!
It is like a pencil-case or a flat pouch but in a more stylish and organized way. 

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Open Sesame!
It’s like one of those pouches where they have these sealed metal buttons to keep your stuff protected and clutter free. It is also made accessible if you are in a hurry to grab a pen. How cool is that?

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The more slots, the merrier it is!
If you try to peek inside this keeper, you can spot that there are about 6-pen slots made for you. Yes! More rooms for your pens, markers and whatsoever you use for your writing and doodling spree.

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My markers are trying to sleep comfortably. Shhh.
This is what I always love about Filed, they always keep you organize with your stuff. Since I am fond of having so many markers and pens to bring with me all the time, this Pen Slinger is indeed a  keeper and an answer to my OCPD dilemmas.

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It has arms and legs!

Kidding aside, it is mini-backpack inspired keeper for pens and markers. 
So it’s like a mini-bag and an accessory for your planner.

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Clingy little PEN SLINGER with the DOODLE PLANNER.
Since it is a slinger, it is really handy to go with your planner.
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Rainbow bliss with all these color coded pen slingers!
What is nice about these slingers is that they also comes in different colors. Ranging from 8 different colors namely, Flamin’ Red, Magma Orange, Sunburst Yellow, Funky Green, Royal Purple, Hot Pink, Electric Blue and Midnight Black. You are able to choice your favorites or can even explore with a new hue.
So what are you waiting for? 
You can get the chance to have this Pen Slingers 
by purchasing your very own 2015 Filed Doodle Planner.
Get organized with style! 
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