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Since my Aunt is fond of cooking and it has been her passion ever since, she started making this simple and small distribution in the market where they make Chicken Nuggets and Chicken Fingers. I assure you that those two selling chicken delights is really worth a buy and taste, since it has no preservatives and really prepared fresh. Assuring the consumers the best quality with their foods. For those who are familiar with their products, it goes by the name of Twix’s Chicken Nuggets and Chicken Fingers.

Then, last August 27, 2013 my aunties started to have their opening of their new business. Food Box Express was born. Food Box Express caters food to those who are too busy and has no time to prepare their own meal. They offer a variety of rice toppings that are will sure be worth a try. 

-The launching of Food Box Express was also success because of the attraction it gained from the by passers nearby. They were starting to be attracted to the place and as well be in love with the menu that is being served. A lot of people took part of the said opening, and free tastes were offered to those who were new to the place. Various of positive feed backs were also obtained. It was really a heart warming launch for my aunt and our family as well.

– A nice, clean and beautiful ambiance for everyone.
– Choose what will satisfy your palettes.

The Food Box Express also offers not only rice toppings but as well as snacksdaily specials and also barbecues. They also cater or provide party platters if one wants to have a larger amount of servings, The consumers can order the rice toppings served in a box for their take outs while others can have a stop, order and eat the FB Express and enjoy the place. Their meals are really cost efficient and are all affordable that will surely be not a problem with one’s budget.

Here are some of their top rice toppings and other specialties that will surely be a new favorite of one’s taste buds, palettes and a new satisfying fullness for the tummy.

– Chicken Fingers – The top selling delight that will make you crave for more
The Chicken Fingers is one of the favorites since it easy to eat and matches almost any kind of sauce one prefers to. This one can also be bought uncooked if one wants to cook it at their homes. This can be brought at a cheaper prize as well. This one is almost the same with the Chicken Nuggets that they serve but the shape is only smaller and rounder than the fingers. 

– Bicol Express – One of my favorites and will make you order up additional rice for this
One of the delicacies here in the Bicol Region is the love for spicy foods and those that has the milk of the coconut, thus Bicol Express is really popular a must try if you happen to visit the province. It is also one of my favorites since I’m a big fan of coconut’s milk and spices. This made me loose my rice control and as well coming back for more. Will surely make you order an additional set of rice.

– Carne Frita – For beef lovers this is a must try 

If you are a beef lover, this one will surely be one of your favorites as well. FB Express’ Carne Frita really savors your cravings and as well as the well absorbed flavors in every beef bits. If you are the type who also does’t like eating onions on cooked foods, this might be an exception to that. The taste of the salt, pepper and vinegar really makes this rice toppings even more flavorful and as well as mouth watery. Surely will be a new definition for your beef cravings.

– Humba – The sweetness of the sauce will really savor in the taste buds
Humba is one of the delicious type of pork meal that will surely makes you appreciate the taste of sugar’s sweetness in a food. The flavors as well makes your  palette savor every piece of pork cubes in every bite you take.

– Spaghetti – Not your ordinary red pasta, this one has a twist to it
This is not your ordinary red pasta as I can tell you, their is twist to every pasta that is made in every restos or fast foods, but the difference of FB Express’ Spaghetti is that they made a twist in spices and herbs that will surely give you a whole perspective. A new taste and as well a delight to ones view for red pastas. This one can either be served by snacks, lunch and dinner.

– Chicken Terriyaki – A nice combination of sweetness and saltiness
Sesame seeds and the sweet tasting sauce. Who doesn’t like terriyaki right? Chicken Terriyaki is also one of those meals that will surely makes you savor every bits and bites of a spoonful meal. The combination of the sweetness and as well as the well absorbed falvors of the chicken will really make you come back for more.

– Chicken Wings – The Wings that really satisfies the love for spices
Since I’m a fan of the buffalo wings, the FB Express’ Chicken Wings almost resembles that, the difference is that of the taste. The Chicken Wings will surely make you ant to soar high because of the spices that where used and this will surely be a two thumbs up for those who are a fan of hot spicy foods.

So if you are looking for a new taste and as well as a new fulfillment for your tummy here in Legazpi City, why not try FOOD BOX EXPRESS, it is located at East Washington Drive, Legazpi City, a few blocks from Aquinas Hospital  and across Mercury Drug store. Open at Mondays-Saturdays, also including holidays. Delivery services is also available. 

For more inquiries and of their services of delicious foods:

Telephone Number: (52) 480-5550 / +63 (915) 400-1420
Facebook page: Food Box Express

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  • Reply Abrille Constantino September 4, 2013 at 11:44 am

    woah! congrats to your family business
    if I ever had a chance to visit your city I'll surely drop by and will taste your "FB Bicol express " it looks so yummy and I really want to taste Bicol express with its ingredients really came from its own city.

    have a great day!

  • Reply Jeini Relova September 4, 2013 at 12:38 pm

    Thanks. Hopefully it will be a success here in Bicol. Yes! You'll definitely not regret having a taste of one of our delicacies here in the Bicol Region. Hopefully it ill be one of your favorites as well. 😀 ♥

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