Happy Monday: Happy Birthday, Tita Ana!

We all know that when it’s the 8th of September they commemorate the Virgin Mary, but for Yobo’s family it’s more than that. It’s the day that Tita Ana was born. This year he also planned to make her day extraordinary, just like what her family did as well, just to make her happy on her special day.
It was a very busy day as well for me and Yobo since we get to do the reservations and etcetera just to be able to pull of the celebration. Kat (his sister), was the one responsible for the birthday cake.  It was also a new experience since the past 2 years, I was always busy and our schedules would always collide that I couldn’t make it. So this year was definitely different. Since Yobo has been dying to bring his family to  Uncle Ton’s (which I will be featuring soon), we definitely made sure that it will be possible on Tita’s birthday and thus it was one of those happy moments for Yobo and her family indeed.
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Tita Ana blowing her birthday candle.
I was having troubles and second thoughts on what to give to Tita on her birthday. I made a sketch but I wasn’t that confident to give it as a gift. When Yobo saw it, he was so amazed that he said that I should def give it to Tita. Yobo also encouraged me to give it on that day because he is sure that she will really love it. So during dinner time, I reached for my gift and handed it to her.

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Tita excitedly opening her gift as she said, 
Salamat may gift man giraray ako.” (Thank you, I manage to still have a gift)
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Happily looking at the portrait sketch.
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Portrait gift from me and Special Polvoron from Nay.
I was able to breathe properly because she really loved the surprise and the special polvoron from Nanay. It was also very inspiring because she encourages me as well to continue my passion for arts and hopes to someday have my own exhibit as well. 

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Yobo with Tita Ana and Tito Juven.
It just makes me so happy to see Yobo very happy. He really loves his family and seeing them blissful makes him happier than ever. He is also blessed to have a family that preciously values it.  So that will definitely goes for these pictures. 

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 Top: L-R: Yobo, Me and James
Bottom: L-R: Tin, Hanna Mae, Mama La, Josh, Tita Ana, Tito Juven and Kat

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Happy 44th Birthday Tita Ana!
More blessings to come to you and your family and indeed life is more than just any material things that can be gain because real blessings are those that can’t be bought. More happiness to your family and to you as well. God bless you as always. I hope you had a blast on your day with your family. ♥

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