Heza Nail Spa Europe Winter

One of my fetishes are the different hues on my nails. I’ve been hooked and been addicted to painting my nails since the day I’ve discovered it (which I can’t hardly remember). I tried different brands and shades whether it be cheap or expensive down to mixing the colors just to get the right shade I want. I even came to the point of changing my nail polish every week, which is really not good because it makes the cuticle all thin and yellowish. But in the end, I still do.

I am used to doing DIYs when it comes to my nails, but when Jane and I discovered one of the affordable and fancy nail spalon in Albay I can’t help but spread the nailspirations with you my younglings.

Heza Nail Spa Europe Winter is a nail spalon that started last August 2015. They specializes and caters to your nail care and nail coloring at a very affordable price. It is a European inspired kind of spalon because the brands and the mediums used are all the way from Italy. They were able to bring the Italian experience in Albay bringing the hues and spectacular ambiance for their customers. Cool isn’t it? That is why they really make sure that every nail fanatics are served well and at best.

At first we were hesitant to come inside because the place really looks good and can be quite intimidating at first sight. But since we are really in need of pampering we opened the door and the magic begun.

The European Winter Lair

The Heza Nails Spa may appear small from the outside, but it will take you to a whole new level once you are inside. It is very classy and it really makes you feel warm, comfortable and like a royal. It also lives to it’s European Winter name because of the cool and blue ambiance. Making you feel cozy and just chillin’ while they pamper your nails.

Pick A Color, Style and Nailed It

In every nail salon, the hard part is choosing what color to put on your nails. What I love about Heza Nail Spa is that they were able to give more options to their customers, which really makes it harder but fun to pick. Making my love for nail polishes ignited.

Tower of colors. 

A nice trivia for all future Heza Nail Spa addicts like myself, is that they also offer Kiko Milano which is a leading Italian cosmetic brand. They also have other brands which you can choose from that are also found in Italy. Truly European at it’s finest. Name any shade, luckily they have it. What is also nice about the brands and the colors that they offer is that they make sure that is suits the client’s taste.

Nails Color Wheels

If you are having a hard time imagining and picturing how the colors will look on your nails, they also provide the nail color wheels as a guide in making your nail totally rocking! The OC in me is so blissful starring at these babies.

A little shade of green.

Making you feel all blue. 

Getting all nude up. 

Feeling spicy in pink and red. 

 Shining, shimmering and splendid nails. 

 Sugar coated nails. 

Let’s get matted and true geled!

Pampering and Coloring with Love

I love how they asked their clients on how they would like the nail care to be done. Unlike the usual nail salons that they usually do generic nail care not considering whether the cuticles are sensitive or not, making the nails prone to infections and ingrown.

Thanking Ate Len (Jane) and Ate Joana (mine) for the extra TLC with our nails. 

Jane’s nails. Matte Plump |  Php 120.00 (US $2.60)

My nails. Nude | Php 80.00 (US $1.73)

I also love how they managed to make our nails so chic and clean. I also love that they put a fast drying top coat making the nail polishes easy to dry and prevents it from getting smudgy.

Jane had her toes with a simple plump shade which is only for Php 80.00 (US $1.73) too.
Feeling like princess with the fluffy pillow while getting my nails all dried up.

Beauty, Treatments and Spas

Heza Nail Spa also caters to other beauty care and services which can be availed at an reasonable price. I can’t wait to try it sooner or later when I get to visit them once again. I am definitely looking forward to the eyebrow waxing and foot spa.

They use  Purifying Foot Parafin Treatment which is very relaxing and rejuvenating. The paraffin wax hand & foot treatment is beneficial to those who suffers from joint pains. This treatment also specializes in soothing your hands and feet.

Hand and Foot Spa

  • Signature Hand Spa (Hydrating & Noursishing manicure) – Php 90.00 (US $1.95)
  • Special Hand Spa (w/ Parafin treatment) – Php 180.00 (US $3.90)
  • Foot Morbido Spa (Smoothing action) – Php 110.00 (US $2.39)
  • Luxury Foot Spa (w/ Farafinne & massagio electronica) – Php 230.00 (US $4.99)
  • Kids Marbel Spa (w/ Crystal balls & polish) – Php 50.00 (US $1.08)

Getting pampered and making yourself feel nice and pretty is not something to be ashamed of. Because it doesn’t hurt to be attractive.

When it comes to waxing, they use organic mediums which really smells good and very mild on the skin. The smell of honey is just so relaxing and calming.Unlike the usual waxes that are painful and itchy, the hairs and the dead cells are being removed delicately.

Face and Body Waxing

  • Face Waxing – Php 200.00 (US $ )
  • Eyebrow Waxing – Php 60.00 (US $1.30)
  • Lip Waxing – Php 50.00 (US $1.08)
  • Underarm Waxing – Php 80.00 (US $1.73)
  • Arm Waxing – Php 200.00 (US $4.34)
  • Leg Waxing – Php 200.00 (US $4.34 )

The Beauty and Family Behind The Heza Nail Spa

What I love about the people behind the Heza Nails Spa is that they are not just employees but they are really a family that can goof around and make their clients even more comfortable while they render their services.

The Beauty Behind The Nail Spa

Miss Heza Cal is the founder and the owner of the Heza Nail Spa Europe Winter. The spalon was named after her and her love for Italian trends.

She used to live and work in Italy and her love for the place and themes from that country made her thought of bringing her experience here in Albay.

She is also planning on making her business expand little by little and will try her best to make the Albayanos feel the Italian experience she had when she was there.

Making me feel more stoked for her plans and goals. Buona fortuna! Miss Heza!

The Family Behind the Nail Spa

I just love how they make their customers feel so warm and welcome even when you are just coming in. They really give that nice aura and make you feel that you are there to feel beautiful. Unlike other salons that would look you from head to toe as if you don’t have the capacity to pay.

From L-R: Joana Mallete, Irene Magdato, Charice Dado, Heza Cal and Len Ramirez

It was indeed one of the most pampering experience Jane and I were able to experience. This will definitely not our last visit here. We are also looking forward to trying the other types of nail polishes and availing some of the spa services.

Where is Heza Nail Spa Europe Winter located?

Fret not, the Heza Nail Spa is located at Old Albay which is easy to visit. Just follow these simple directions.

  1. If  you are coming from Centro Legazpi, you can ride a jeepney in Legazpi-Daraga route or any jeep that will pass by Albay. You only need Php 7.00/8.00 (US $0.15) to get there.
  2. When you spot the Peñaranda Park and Provincial Health Office, go down from there.
  3. Then on the street ahead you can spot a route going to the left side (where the lugawans and grille corners are spotted.). Take that direction.
  4. From there you can now see an intersection. Take the right side.
  5. Taking that side, you can easily spot the Heza Nail Spa sign board.
  6. You are now on your way to Europe.

If you are planning on getting your nails done and want to have a girl bond with your friends, this is definitely your place. Oh, and they have free wifi too. *winks*.

So what are you waiting for?
Get those nails painted and totally rock that #notd of yours, the Heza way!

Heza Nail Spa Europe Winter

Facebook | Instagram
Office Hours: Mondays to Sundays, 8am-8pm
Loated at: Baranggay 7, Vinzon St. Bano, Albay, Legazpi City, Albay, Philippines

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