high school reunion

High School Reunion Vol. 02

Reunions are at its peak once again. Since it’s the holidays and many people go home to their designated home towns, so it can’t be help that a little gathering are being planned. I sometimes can’t attend to such because of my busy schedules last year and almost some of the past years. But this year, I oath to myself that I would not let this year pass without seeing the people close to me back in high school. 

It was a little bit sad because not all of our high school friends were there to celebrate it with us, but still each and everyone manages to enjoy every minute of having fun with the closest people and to the person that we enjoyed being with. It was also fun due to it was my very first “night out” as well being a professional and an adult.

Had a delightful dinner at Wacky’s Bar and Restaurant. Sight seeing, food trips and as well as tons of picture taking at Embarcadero De Legazpi as well. We just can’t contain the happiness and as well as the reminiscing and catching up. It was indeed another night to remember for each and everyone of us.

Food in our tummies’ content. Azo, Bong, Lance, Stephy, Bianky, Moyo, Marz, Karla, Aimee, Lin, Me, Yobo and Jay
– Closest people to my heart. Lin (cousin dearest), Mhe (high school girl bestie) & Yobo.
The second stop was in EDL, was also beautiful, that we can’t help but as well grab the opportunity to take photos of the place. The lights and the bamboo infrastructures and decorations was just so fascinating and enchanting.

– Below photo: L-R: Me, Mhe, Bianky, Stephy, Lin, Azo, Moyo, Bong and Jay
– Cute little tikki statue at the staircases. With Yobo and Bianky
– Lin, Azo and Bong. Me, Bianky and Yobo at the background.
– Twin brother. (giggles) Yobo doing his bf duty and as well meeting my hs friends. 
– Can’t get enough with these pretty ladies.
– L-R: Yobo, Me, Stephy, Bong, Lin, Bianky, Jay, Moyo and Aze
– L-R: Mhe, Me, Stephy, Bong, Lin, Bianky, Jay, Moyo and Aze
– Extreme Happiness. 🙂

It was indeed so blissful and hoping that the night or morning will just stop so that we are still able to spend time more with each other, but this will def won’t be the last. So this is just one of my activities this holiday slash vacation. How about you, how you spent your mini or grand reunions this year with your closest buddies and high school friends?

*Photo credits to my bestie: Mary Anne Del Rio.

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