Kawaii Box: A Cute Subscription Box + Unboxing June 2015 Kawaii Box

Mails and packages always make me happy! Something arrived last Monday and I just can’t contain myself with these ever overloaded cuteness. I just got giddy and opened it immediately.

– Kawaii Box package.
Even their packaging and the box itself is just cute. If only the mailing details were not sticked to the cover of the box, I will definitely use this one again. 
– What’s inside of the box?
Kawaii Box meaning “cute box” is an online store where you get cute items stuffed inside a cute box delivered in your doorsteps. The box depends on the kind of subscription you have. They have 4 plans you can choose from. 
  • 1 month plan for $18.90/month ( PhP 860.59/month)
  • 3 month plan for $18.90/month  ( PhP 860.59/month) that have perfect gift ideas.
  • 6 month plan for $17.90/month ( PhP 815.60/month) which you save $6.00 (PhP 285.00).
  • 12 month plan for $17.30/month ( PhP 787.74/month) where you get to have a free box too!
I got the Kawaii Box: June 2015! So let’s start unboxing this baby shall we?

– Kawaii Box item list. 
I love the way they make sure that their consumers really got all the 10-12 cute items by providing them with the item list. I enjoyed and just fell inlove with the design while reading and checking each item.
– Kawaii Box 12 items.
Aren’t they the cutest? I wonder how they’ve managed to snug all these cute babies inside the box. So without further a do, here are the items I got from my Kawaii Box
– Kawaii Bean Mini Plush
Another baby for my bag charms. I just kept squishing this baby Bean Mini because it is just so adorable!
– Alpaca Bag Charm
I’ve been seeing Alpaca stuff toys and merch in my my Tumblr feeds but getting my hands on one of is just making me feel I want to have more of them. They come in different hues which you really want to be in your collection. 
– Strawberry Squishy Charm.
-Yummy Strawberry.
This strawberry charm is just making me hungry! Not only is it cute, it is really soft too. Makes you want to swallow it whole. Just kidding, this baby is not edible. 
– Hello Kitty Mechanical Pencil.
I’ve never been a fan of Hello Kitty (even though my stuff when I was a kid are full of them), but I am definitely a fan of mechanical pencils
– Smiling Poop Sharpener. 

I always enjoy sharpeners with cute designs specially the ones that make my pencils and color pencils sharpened nicely. This  cute smiling poop sharpener will be a nice companion for my pig sharpener.

– Ice Cream Stickers. 
Stickers have always been one of my fetish. I even had a sticker album when I was young, but since they are not that in nowadays, I just stick them on my fave stuff or things. I am also hunting for pandas and pigs stickers.
– Animal Sticky Notes. 
Another sticky note baby! Since I am fond of writing notes and my errands, this is just a cuter way of doing it with these babies. 
– Cute Guys Stationery Set. 
Red and cute stuff always get me! What I love about this is not just the color and the design, it’s because its an art stuff! Pencils, mechanical pencils and erasers! Oh it just makes me so blissful.
– Sushi Pluggy Charm. 
I’ve been seeing tons of pluggies two years ago. They come in different designs which really looks nice as an accessory for those mobiles and other gadgets. Not only do they make it fashionable but it also protects the plug from any stuff that might get in it. So if you are a fun of Japan merch, this sushi plug charm will do the trick. 
– Korean Nail Art Set.
This might seem like a thing for little girls, but the nails are just so cute and stylish. Nail art and polishes just make me so happy. Can’t wait to try it!
– Kracie Bubble Jelly DIY Candy.
DIY Candies! Hurray! This made me remember my Kool Aid days when I was young. I can’t wait to give this a try and give you a feedback soon. 
– Cute Animal Pill Box. 
Mini organizers always do the trick for my OCPD problems. They just make everything in order and easy to find and access. Another baby to join the family.
– Kawaii Box overload. 
So there you have it! Kawaii Box is one of the cutest feature of Blippo. They also have the Japan Candy Box where you also get too have monthly subscriptions on the yummiest, sweetest and cutest candy shop delivered to your home. 
– Blippo, Kawaii Box and Japan Candy Box.
Don’t forget to tag them whenever you get a box from them! 
Because they always give prizes to their loveable consumers!
Which was you favorite item? I just all of them!
Want to have your hands on these cute babies? Subscribe Now and you will receive a box filled with 10-12 hand-picked kawaii items directly to your home every month! What are waiting for?

Kawaii Box
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✨ Watch out for another big treat next month!!! 🙂 ✨
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