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Kawaii School Uniforms

School days are up again and I know how students rush to getting their uniforms fix and ready. I miss those times. I’ve always have this strange fantasy that I live in Japan or Korean and I am currently studying in a prestigious university in Tokyo or Seoul. Call me crazy for having such a weird dream (until now), but you too can’t deny their school uniforms are just to die for. It just gives you that anime-ish feeling at the same time.

Japanese and Korean Uniforms is one of the type of school uniforms that every student around the world find it very cute, cool and stylish at the same time. It gives girls that very sweet and naive look while giving the boys that mysterious and cool vibes. Even with just plain white blouse matched with a navy blue skirt or pants, goes very well with a knee high socks for the lass and a white shoes for the lads. It gives every Japanese and Korean students that mature and cute look at the same time.

Here are some of the cute school uniforms that really caught my attention and wanting to be able to wear them if I was given a chance.

– Japanese School Girls holding hands while crossing the street. From Tumblr
– Kawaii Japanese girl. From Google Images. 
– Cute Japanese School Girl with bag. (Google Image Search)
– Cute Couple in School Uniforms. (Google Image Search)
– Korean School Boys. (Google Image Search)
– Japanese School Girl. Image from Pinterest.
– Korean School Girl. Image from Pinterest
– Japanese School Girl. From: Top Girl.
– Japanese School Girl. From Rajic.
– Kawaii Japanese Girl. From Natalie
– Japanese School Girl in Brown vest and Dark Brown pleated skirt. (Google Image Search)
– White and Red-Black checkered pleaded skirt. From Tumblr.
– Blue and White Japanese School Uniform. From Tumblr
– Blue, White and Dark Blue Japanese School Uniform. From Tumblr
– Japanese School Girl in Cotton Vest and Checkered pleaded skirt. From Tumblr
– Japanese School Girl in Biege Blouse. From Tumblr
– Red vest and checkered blue skirt. From Seifuku
– Typical Anime style uniforms. From Seifuku
– Simple white and gray Japanese uniform. (Google Image Search)
– Sailor inspired Japanese School uniform. (Google Image Search)
– Black and white Japanese school uniform. From Seifuku.
– Black, Blue and Red Japanese school uniform. From Seifuku.
– Kawaii Japanese Girl in school uniform. From Seifuku
– Cute Japanese couple. From Tumblr
– Korean girl in white and gray school uniform. (Google Image Search)
– Japanese school uniforms. From AliExpress.
 What’s your favorite Japanese or Korean uniform and look so far?
Let’s get kawaii this school year!
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