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KeenaPrints: Kawaii Poratble Stickers

Planners, markers and stickers have always been one of my fetishes (which explains my hoarding disorder). I would end up using rainbow hues; staining tons of marker leads on clean or used papers and noting my most memorable day in a doodle form every time I get the chance to document them on my planner.

When it comes to doing some planning stuff and designing my planners, I end up spending most of the time making it look like a scrapbook or storybook which is really quite an ironic part for a planner. But we can’t deny the fact that it’s like a portable diary.

That’s why when I saw one of the cutest accessories for my planner, I can’t help but fall in love with its cuteness and made my planner-ing experience more fun and kawaii.

KeenaPrints is an online shop based in the Philippines, were it caters your love for cute stickers and planner stuff. It is owned by one of the prettiest blogger I’ve been following and reading since last year, Miss Keena Vitor.

What I love about these stickers is that they are passionately handmade and personalized. How cool is that? And they are done by Miss Keena herself. They are indeed a perfect look for your Erin Condren, Kikki K, Filofax Planners and Midori Traveler’s notebooks.

One happy mail!

They also make sure that every stickers delivered are handled with care. It is packed nicely in a personalized brown envelope with tons of freebies and samples! Cuteness overload!

And I know you are stoked as I am, so let’s unwrapping our happy mail and see the delightful items.

1) Deco Stickers

If you are into random designs and colorful retro styles, then Deco Stickers are the perfect accessories for your hippie planner. I love how the pastel colors blend and compliment with the styles and designs. It makes a whole new refreshing look for your papers and a really nice decoration.

2) Doodle & Words

Combining Doodles and Words? They also offer mixtures of scribbles and doodles to spice up your sheets. It makes the planner more creative with all the cute sketches and calligraphies filling up your pages. Not only that, the way the colors and curves are put into one are just so loveable. Way the go Miss Keena!

3) Adorable Bookmarks

When it comes to bookmarks, KeenaPrints really knows how to personalize. They make Adorable Bookmark characters that makes and leave marks on your planners. It helps you keep track all your nifty pages. My favorite kawaii (cute) character is the Mermaid, isn’t she charming? I am also eyeing on the Sailor Moon and Game of Thrones pools.

4) Keenachi Essentials Sticker Books

Are you into lots and loads of stickers? The Keenachi Essentials Sticker books are one of the best sellers and appealing product of the shop. You just can’t resist all the cute personalized and hand-drawn Keenachis compiled into a sleekly adorable sticker book.

I am digging all the 189 stickers. How cool is that?

5) Kawaii Keenachi Essentials

Keenachi is one of the cutest characters created by Miss Keena for KeenaPrints. She acts as the mascot of the shop and the most loved print in their stickers. She also comes as one of the essentials that make planning and designing more fun, creative and endearing. I love how she adorably reminds every planner enthusiasts with her cute emotions and inspirational poses.

6) Planning with KeenaPrints

I enjoy doing some doodles and using all the Keenachi stickers in my current pages. I can’t wait to use the remaining stickers for the next months and make my planning experience more kawaii and more artistic. There is just so much to love and to collect from KeenaPrints.

Let’s go shopping Keenachi. 

Doodle and planning time!

So what are you waiting for? Come and join me and the rest of the KeenaPrints enthusiasts. Let’s start planning and make our planners the cutest one in town!

The lovable delights and happy mails doesn’t stop there! Get these cute babies by using your discount code and avail them starting 10% off.



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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for KeenaPrints. Ideas and opinions are only based on honest reviews and were not influenced by any individual or the brand itself.

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