Liebster Award

Liebster Award Vol. 01

I was awarded and tagged once again. Thanks to Jaiza for this another wonderful award once again. The nice thing about this is I get the chance to answer and share another fact about myself ad as well to be able to explore my very own too. 

  1. Thank the blog who nominated you.
  2. Write 11 Random Facts About Yourself.
  3. Answer questions the blogger has made for you. 
  4. Nominate 11 Bloggers with below 200 followers to your own set of questions. 
    So let’s give this another shot shall we?


    Since during my first reward I’ve been telling you all of my strengths, I guess this time my 11 Facts About Myself will all be about my weaknesses.
    TALKATIVE. I’m really love telling stories specially when people starts asking questions and they want more details about a particular experience. I usually loose track of time when I am enjoying talking. My Nay (mother) would usually reprimand me how I talk so fast without breathing. Yes, I do that specially when I’m at the peak of my story. Once I get close or attached to a certain person, I usually do all the talking one way.
    SNOOZE QUEEN. Who doesn’t love to sleep? Well I love to sleep, and when I say I love it,  I do it a lot. The funny thing about that, every time my eyes are just touched by a wind and I’m in a corner, I start closing my eyes and take a power nap. Usually those naps turns to be hours resulting to sleeping already. 
    COUCH POTATO. If I start the day doing nothing, I usually spend the whole day doing nothing. I have tons of ideas and lists of things to do but in the end, I have done nothing productive throughout that day. Lazy ayt?
    PROCRASTINATOR. Well everyone of us loves to procrastinate, who doesn’t? We do have so much time to do such things but we choose to wait it for a minute, for days or worst for months. By that time we are just shocked that the day of the deadline is today already. I usually become like this specially when it comes to doing hobbies. Yes, even my hobbies, I tend to procrastinate. Wooosh!
    “SORRY”. I always feel anxious every time I’ve done something wrong. There are times that my pride would kick in but there also those times I overdo it. Even when the person tells me it’s alright, I still keep saying “Sorry”, that would usually end up irritating him/her. Sorry. 
    REPEATER. I always validate things but I also overdo this. I just don’t want to make mistakes specially when it comes to meeting the requirements and being able to make appointments. I just like to be sure and secure that I’m hearing things right. I also usually do this when I am reminding someone with a particular matter. 
    CHILDISH. I’m 23 turning 24 on November and I still do baby talk and act as if I’m a 3-year-old girl. Some people find it cute, funny and tells me that it’s one of my pleasing personalities, but to those who are too close to me like my sister finds it really annoying most of the times (evil laughs).
    PERFECTIONIST. Since I’m a OCPD (Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder) type of person, I usually want things in order. I would usually get anxious to the slightest details when the formatting isn’t unifrom or when things that I’ve organized are not systematically followed. It’s really irritating. 
    INTROVERT. I usually enjoy spending time with myself most of the time. I seldom go out or socialize with my friends or workmates. I usually enjoy staying at home more. I can just enjoy the day being alone. I guess there are just things that we do enjoy just for ourselves and finds happiness with it. 
    OBSESSIVE. Every time I get too attached to a particular stuff it would usually take me about a month to recover from mentioning, posting or taking pictures of it. It just becomes like a drug and just so addicting. 
    MIND TALKING. I do this a lot! I usually don’t speak my mind. I just let my thoughts run inside my mind which some people find disturbing. Because they say that people who does these are prone to mental disorders. I guess my mind is more talkative than my mouth. 


    1. Engineering or Architecture?

    I used to considered taking up Architecture back then but still took up Nursing. It’s still my frustration to become an architect and I would sometimes imagine what if I did pursue taking it up. Would I have been in a place or kind of job that I’ll really be enjoying. Still mind boggling for me. I still enjoy making drafted floor plans btw. 

    2. Beauty or Brains?

    “What is beauty without brains?”. May sound clichè, but still a very nice quotation. Being beautiful or taking good care of ones appearance is not bad, but if almost you live to a life just focusing on such, one will never achieve anything. Being knowledgeable about stuff still matter because it will the one to really help us face reality.

    3. Channing Tatum or Jonah Hill?

    Jonah Hill is quite funny and really good in delivering comedy. I love a guy who has sense of humor, but this time I really have to go with Channing Tatum. I’ve been a fan of him and very much attracted to his face features (yes, I’m not much interested with his build). The more I fell inlove with his “baby face” like face is when he starred in “Step Up” (2006) and “The Vow” (2012). 

    4. Fame or Intelligence?

    Almost same with number #2. Well you can’t have fame without intelligence unless you got the fame in another means of being one. It might be because of some fascinating features or you might have been accused or have been participating in an “illegal way” (I guess you know what I mean)

    5. Chocolate or Strawberry?

    Can I just have both? I can’t really pick between the two when they definitely suit and really goes well together. They just compliment each other. 

    6. Emma Stone or Mila Kunis

    This two really rocks Hollywood and I really admire them so much. But for now I will definitely go with Emma Stone since she’s been one of my “Girl Crushes”. [x]

    7. Day or Night?

    I love being outside and traveling but I am more energetic when the sun starts to set. Yes, I can definitely stay up late than I could possibly imagine. Sometimes I think I’m an owl. I am awake at night and sound asleep in the morning. 

    8. Coffee or Tea?

    I’m really not a fan of tea unless it’s Milk Tea, so simply as it goes I’m a Coffee type of person that will definitely try out every cafè in the world if only I have the money and time. *giggles*

    9. Samsung or Apple?

    I’ve been an Apple user, and definitely the IOS is definitely the type that your gaga over and want to have almost all of it’s product. But I must say its cost will definitely make you cry, unless it is given to you as a gift and you come from a rich family who can afford. Samsung that has Android is nice, but for now I might go with Apple. 

    10. Sunrise or Sunset?

    Watching the sun come out or come down is def one of those creations that God had created that def leave you so stunned and fascinated because they come in different kinds of beauty, but as they say nothing beats sunsets because it always gives you the most relaxing and romantic masterpiece God had created. 

    11. What is the story behind your URL?

    I’ve been called names when I was young. Since my nick name is “Ajein”, and it sounds like the MSG popular in our country hey tend to relate it there. Since I was young then and very immature, I tend to just cry and be at them for making fun of my name, as for now, I definitely love it now for it suits me. ♥


    Here are just some random questions that I hope you’ll be enjoying to answer. Some questions are for mere happiness and I would like to know your opinion and views.

    1. Government or Church?
    2. Love of Self or Love of Neighbor?
    3. What Bible Scripture do you live by?
    4. Hearing a lie or Knowing the truth?
    5. Knowledgeable or Wise?
    6. Who is your 5 Top Favorite Marvel Heroes?
    7. To write or To Read?
    8. Your views/principle/beliefs about salvation.
    9. Tweety Bird or Hello Kitty?
    10. What can you say about the WORLD today?
    11. Are you happy today or sad? Tell me more. 

    That goes for this award! I enjoyed answering and very much happy as well for being nominated and having this kind of award again. This is my second from my Sunshine Blog Award hope many awards to come. And for my nominated bloggers hope you’ll have fun as well and kindly linked me below your post so I can check on it as well. Enjoy!
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