Live A Life Of Royalty: Live With The King

Mobile phones, touch screens, IOS to Androids and the list just goes on and on. But what really makes a phone the best among the rest? That is indeed the biggest questions of all time.

We were use to having and settling for what is in trend not considering the specifications of a particular handy mobile. Having an ending of spending much more than the cost of the gadget. This is what makes it really challenging. The choosing and the making of right choices just to have the best. Fear not for their is something far more than what you really deserve.

Not only do you deserve something cool or to be in the trend, but you also have to be royale and classy. So here’s a nice treat for those who wants to live the life of luxury and fancies at a much affordable price.

Huawei Nexus 6P | US $499.00 (PhP 23,470.71)

Huawei Nexus 6P is the new royal mobile phone from Huawei, created to satisfy your grandest cravings for an affordable cellular phone. Huawei came up with the most convenient and classy phone you could possibly have.

Without  further ado, here are the reasons and my top favorite features why I want to Live With The King.

1) KEEN MOUNT: Iconic Hardware Design

The Huawei Nexus 6P is not your ordinary design for it is made out of  anodized aluminium. It is also crafted with diamond chambers that encircles that 3D curves to give that overall appearance. Sleek and classy indeed. This elegant design is available in four (4) colors which you can choose from. The Matte Gold, Graphite, Aluminum and Frost. 

2) SEIZE THE MOMENTS: Low-light, Powerful Camera

Everyone loves a nice and quality assured photos when in comes to their handy cameras. The Huawei Nexus 6P‘s camera has an excellent 12.3MP camera lens that provides the users an ideal lighting when it comes to their photos and shots. This is because of the 1.55μm pixels which turns it to a more vibrant, vivid and memorable shots. When it comes to your photos, you don’t have to worry for the phone also have a Google Photos which make your moments safe and remembered.

3) SWIFT RENDITION: Faster-Than-Ever Performance

Many consumers nowadays long for a faster and a more swift performance when it comes to their phones. Multi-tasking with the applications can be convenient and can be much easier, specially when you come to a point that you use almost all the programs. The Huawai Nexus 6P can guarantee you with the finest Android experience their is. It is fast, fresh and smart.

Low performance will not be a problem anymore since it comes with Octa-Core Qualcomm Snapdragon810 v2.1 Processor. The battery life can last up to 3450mAh and makes the charging even better because of its reversible USB Type-C (fast-charging). Isn’t cool?

4) SIMPLIFIED SECURITY: Ergonomic Fingerprint ID

What makes Huawei Nexus 6P far more exciting and on top of the list? It provides the user an ergonomic print sensor where it makes the phone secure than ever. The small circle at back makes it easier to access also to Android Pay.

5) GOOGLE PLUS MORE: The Best Of Google At The Palm Of Your Hand

Everyone loves Google. It is so affordable, accessible and has more features that you can’t possibly imagine. The Huawei Nexus 6P makes it more exciting to its users because it is already pre-installed and ready to use anytime and anywhere.

But that doesn’t stop there, here is a bonus feature that I know everyone will definitely love and even make you feel you are seating on an Iron Throne. The Nexus 6P has Wi-Fi Combo Antenna that offers a fast, strong connection where you can enjoy playing and working anytime without any disconnections.

That is why they made sure that you don’t have to settle for anything less but rather live in royalty. That is why start living like royalty and live with the king.

For more awesome Specifications and Features about this Mighty King you can also check their site and be one of to live up to the royalty of this mobile phone.


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*Disclaimer: Photos are own by Nuffnang and Huawei. Graphic designs by yours truly.

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