Mang Inasal: Dinner with friends

It’s nice to have friends not just the ones you already have but also have a good relationship and be able to build a rapport with your co-workers as well. We started to get along by just this year that we already started to always hang-out and also enjoyed each others company by then. We also started to be able to get to know each other well as the time goes by. We also had this so-called attachment to Mang Inasal, whenever we tend to have our dinner after work. We also often joked around that if ever we’ll be eating outside again, we should really start looking for another eating venue other than MI.

Since Ate Rose was not able to come with us last Saturday, she promised to us that she’ll be treating as today for dinner in one of our most favorite Eat-All-You-Can-Rice. None other than Mang Inasal. Since we also missed her this past week that we really made sure that we’ll be able to hang out again.

– Credits to E. Latigay. Fans of Mang Inasal
It is also funny by the way this shot made Jovet looked as if he is the endorser of the said restaurant. We kept on insisting that he really fits the background and he can already replace the one endorsing the food branch.

After having our dinner, we passed by the park just near the restaurant. We were just so amazed with the colorful fountain that we tried posing with it. We were also joking that we can try to put a caption in the photo were we are just like in Singapore. Here are some sample shots.

–  Creditds to  E. Latigay. One of my favorite shots. 
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–  Credits to E. Latigay. Pretty violet fountain at Peñaranda Park
We can’t just accept that we will not be able to have a group picture that we managed to made it sure that everyone is included. It was just so funny the way others were not seen or cut in the frame, but still we manged to have good shots.

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It was just a short get together and a simple dinner jam but still it was still fun all the way. Looking for more ventures and as well as another dinner date at Mang Inasal.

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I also managed to have my selfies and as well as my portrait shots, From there, I noticed that I’m getting fat once again. Perhaps I need to managed and control my diet once again, but eating is just so much fun. It was all worth today and it was just another fun night with my co-workers slash friends.
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