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Manila: Enchanted Kingdom

After our stop from Museo Orlina, we then headed to one of the most exciting and highlight of the tour. None other than Enchanted Kingdom. It might sound not so exciting, but the fun about getting back to this place is that it brings a lot of memories for me. Since this is my 3rd time to visit, I was the one who accompanied and gave tips to one of my EK buddies. And it was really nostalgic for me.

Call me childish, but you can’t really deny the fact that amusement parks really give you that kind of fascination and would even not dare miss a shot of its name. It was a rainy afternoon but it never hindered us to savor every bits of the EK experience. The nice part of it too, was that we don’t have to wait too long because the pace of the line was so fast. Totally worth it!


The fun thing about amusement parks is that they have maps to help you locate the rides you want to try and to go to places without getting lost. That’s why every one of us assured that we all get to have our own maps.

The map has changed when it comes to it’s design and there were new rides which all of us were so excited to try the moment we were able to locate them. Without further ado, let’s start our magical adventures. 


Jheck and Jeon were first timers so for starters, we first tried the Wheel of Fate. It will be nice to start with this simple ride because you get to see the whole EK from a far and from a certain height. It was quite challenging for Jheck since she has this fear of heights. It took a lot of convincing before I finally get her to fall in line.  

Let the ride begin
The moment the wheel started to turn, we enjoyed the sight and this is why is it nice to ride the Ferris wheel first because you know what ride you will be trying next and you know how to get there even without the help of the map. 
Anchor’s Away
Bump car on water
Space Shuttle

On the other hand, since Jane and Ate Zah were not feeling well, they were the EK buddies. They get to experience some of the stalls and also got the chance to win awesome prizes. They took the ride on Wheel of Fate when the sun was already out and get the chance to witness EK at night. Talk about those beautiful lights. 

Cute and pretty stuff toy
Jane got a cute yellow plushie
The beautiful Wheel of Fate at night
The Swan Lake
Magical Night at Enchanted Kingdom
Big Tower Drop
Space Shuttle
After the Ferris wheel, it started to pour again so we decided to look for  raincoat inside the park. It was quite expensive but it was very handy and serves as a souvenir for our EK experience. Our second ride was the Rio Grande Rapids. This is one of the rides that you will definitely get wet. So if you have big bags or non-water resistant stuff this is not the ride for you. You will prepare yourself to really get wet at the end of the ride. 


Since we were all wet, we decided to take the third ride on the Flying Fiesta. It will not totally dry you up, but it can lessen the wet feeling in a more fun way. They are are like swings that make you go round as if you are flying. 


Our next stop was the mini village side of EK. There were mini stores and stands that makes you feel like you are in another dimension or another country. 

The dinosaur is also smiling for the camera
Jane with the yellow pulshy and Eldar the Wizard
Ate Zah with the yellow pulshy and Eldar the Wizard

Pretty lights on the benches
One of my favorite part at EK is the streets where you can take your photos in front of an illusion stores. It makes you feel like you are in another country or even dimension. This part reminded me and gave the Harry Potter vibes. 
The Baking Co.
The Grand Central Station
Is it just me or this shot makes you feel like a bit Harry Potter-ish?


Our fourth destination was Rialto. It was quite nice because the movie they featured this time was Green Lantern (one of my favorite Marvel Heroes and since this movie was our (Yobo) first movie date.

Imagine watching a movie that makes you feel that you are in it too. That will be totally be awesome and more expensive at the same time. 


After Rialto, we had our fifth at Log Jam. But since we were all wet, I failed to take a picture of it because waters were just splashing once in a while. It just made my body in mini adrenaline rush state. I didn’t stop there. I was thinking twice and getting fickled if I should try Space Shuttle again, at the end. I did it and this time I enjoyed it more. Wohoo! 


This was a new ride in EK, we were supposed to try it but Jheck and Jeon were having second thoughts on trying it since it was topsy-turvy-kind-of-ride. I forgot it’s name, and it has a cute song played.. “It’s A Small World.”


Then our seventh stop was the carousel. It was just so pretty with all those bedazzling lights. 

There were still many rides and exciting stalls to visit but since there were only limited time we were not able to avail and visit them all. I bet nice time I pay a visit I might be able to try the ones I haven’t crossed yet. 
We also tried the Swan. I tell you this ride will use all your hamstring strength. It was like a semi-work out. It was tiring but we enjoyed the ride despite the fact that we bumped on the walls and other riders a couple of times. Sorry about that. 

Then after the ride, we immediately run to near the Space Shuttle to witness the Firework Display and listen to EK’s closing song. It was indeed another experience I will totally not forget. Here are some of my favorite firework shots for starters.  

Color blast
Starry starry fireworks
Twinkle twinkle fireworks
Firey red fireworks
My successful Boke shot
My favorite shot
The grand fireworks
For the record, it was eight (8) rides in total. 5 years ago, it was only three (3) for me. Always remember that you are never too old for amusement parks. Just enjoy every bits of it because sometimes being a child brings back a lot of good memories and casts away our worries once in a while. This will definitely not be my last visit to Echanted Kingdom. 

Featuring in the photos and credits to: Jane Rocha, Zarah Maralit, Dennis Guamos, Emerson Latigay, Mary Rose Benitez, Angelica Leonor and Jeonal Trilles.
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