Marie’s Culinary Creations

My sister and I have been eyeing on this since we were having our walkathon sometime after attending from our Prayer Meeting. The place is really eye catching and the colors will definitely intrigue you. Since my sister is fond of trying new things and has this “it” for indulging into sweet stuff that she told me that she will definitely try this one. And since I am such a “want-to-try-new-stuff” gal, that we decided to have our date and try the place.

I thought it was just another “come and go”, “order up” kind of place, but as my sister and I entered, it was indeed beyond what I am expecting. The ambiance was definitely really welcoming and the staff will make you feel at ease and really want to try the place.


It is a bistro-cafe that serves a variety of meals and specializes with cupcakes. A nice place where people can definitely find a nice cozy and relaxing hang-out. Old friends can have their “catching up” and “chit chats”, business mini-meetings and even bring a date to have a sip of coffee and indulge with the different Marie’s creations. You too might fall in love with their creations as with the place.

Cute counter sign board in pastel colors.

Inside Marie’s Culinary Creations.
Pastel colored interior

I just fell in love with the colors and the way the set up looks inside. From the outside it just seem like a shop but the inside was def a whole different perspective.


So we get to try some of their specialties. The menu was really overwhelming from the cute names and so many varieties to choose from that my sister and I really took time to choose what we will be trying. They are just really full of creations from cupcakes, beverages, resto servings as cafe.

My sister and I get to try different orders so that we can try each others meals. I get to have the Strawberry Banana Smoothie (since strawberries and bananas are just my thing) and Spaghetti Bolognese. While she got to try the Lasagna and Dark Chocolate Truffle Freeze. And from there, my sister can’t get hold of giving comments over and over on how she fell in love with the place and how she plans on coming back here. 

My side of the plate: Spaghetti Bolognese and Strawberry Banana Smoothie
Her side of the plate: Lasagna and Dark Chocolate Truffle Freeze

We definitely ate feeling so relaxed, blissful and just indulged with these sweet and delicious creations. And we just can’t help but enjoy our smoothie and freeze. 

After having a good meal, dessert will definitely not be eliminated and we will not miss the part of having the reason to try this bistro-cafe in the first place. Their cupcakes and desserts is definitely on the top list. Since it is their special creations, that I got so overwhelm that I wanted to try almost everything that my eye spotted. But since I still get this “guilty” feeling of getting any fatter of taking to much glucose, I might just settle for atleast one (1) cupcake – for now. 

Marie’s Culinary Creations sweet delights and creations in affordable prices.


Cupcakes, cookies, brownies, bread and so on and so forth that the list just goes on. What they have to offer for their dear “sweet lovers” customers is just delightful. They provide you with so many flavors to choose from. I can’t help to fall in love on how they’ve managed to make cool and cute designs that will definitely tempt you to try each of it. Sweet temptations indeed!

Here are some of the flavors that they offer for their cupcakes. Chocolate Strawberry the name speaks for it self as it has a nice chocolate lining design on top of the strawberry icing. Hot Mama can definitely intrigued you as the cupcake has a chili on top of the icing and they also serve Tiramisu that you can’t help but just savor the each vanilla goodness.

 Marie’s Culinary Creations Chocolate Strawberry, Hot Mama and Tiramisu Cupcakes.

They have this Vanilla Rose that has this cute fondant rose shape. Pink Coffee with a nice coffee flavored icing with a matching cute piece on coffee bean to add to the overall package. Peppermint with this nice “cactus-like” icing design and eye catching color.

Marie’s Culinary Creations Vanilla Rose, Pink Coffee and Peppermint Cupcakes.

Cookies and brownies are also one of their creations. They offer Oatmeal Cookies for those who are fond of eating the “healthy type” cookie. Then they also serve White Chocochip Hazelnut Brownies for those who are fond of indulging to the size bite desserts. And the good old Butterscotch was not missed.

Marie’s Culinary Creations Oatmeal cookies, White chocochip hazelnut brownies and Butterscotch.
So from the overwhelming choices, my sister and I get to choose at least one to try for the meantime. So she got to try the BBCC (Blueberry Cheesecake) that she really enjoyed it. I got to try the Pink Coffee. And no words can express how we really loved our desserts. 

Marie’s Culinary Creations Blueberry Cheesecake.

Marie’s Culinary Creations Pink Coffee.

Ate Yhen’s two thumbs up service.
Not only does the place will make you feel cozy but also the nice staff gets to interact with you which is rare to some of the resto-cafe that I’ve tried. We got the chance to know the place more because of Ate Yhen’s hospitality and service that she gave to us. It was just so nice. Definitely people like her are just worth giving acknowledgements and gratitude. 
My sister and I really had a blast and enjoyed the stay here in Marie’ Culinary Creations, and definitely this will not be our last visit to this place. I am also planning to bring some of my friends so they too can try this “lovely place” as to the name suits it. You can visit them and try for yourself, so that you too can indulge to such delights.

They also have their Facebook Fanpage  where you  can check out for more of their services as you can follow them in their Instagram. Or you can contact them on via mobile and e-mail address for further inquiries. 

So what are you waiting for? Try Marie’s Culinary Creations and be delighted with their creations.
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    Sorry for the late reply. :**

    Malapit siya dun Riz sa may JY Mart doon sa centro. or before BDO ng centro. If ever you want a map, look at the second to the last photo po ^^,) try mo doon. ♥♥♥

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    Hihi, noted. Dami na pala nag emerge na bagong shop sa sentro:-)

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