Mexita: Acoustic Night

Rating: ★★★★

It’s weekend once again. We just have this so called non-formal agreement where each weekend or when we have a jamming, there is one sponsor, where he/she will be the one to pay for the expenses when the group have their dinner. And this time it was my turn to do so.

We tried a new place, since we are already starting to loose our enthusiasm with extra rice and marinaded chicken (Mang Inasal), that we agreed on trying pizza for a change. So we tried Mexita, which is just located near our place, in Tahao Road. This is our next sight seeing spot. The place is really relaxing (but sadly, the weather was a bit uncomfortable that time, since it was raining) and also have a good ambiance, because of the lighting and the designs. They just have this cute small cabins or “kubo” where you can really have a good quality time and as well as privacy from the people who are also enjoying their stay there.

– Credits to E. Latigay. The beautiful light piece inside the cabin
Since it was also Saturday, it was Acoustic Night by that time, so we tried to check it out as well. We enjoyed singing along with the singers and also tried to act as if we are the stars who will guest in the show. It was just so funny. 

So from there, we tried to see and choose what food will be eating, it almost take as 20 minutes to finally decide what to order. It was just so difficult to choose when there a re really many choices to choose from and as well, you want to try almost everything. And while waiting for our food we made sure that we have a lot of pictures taken.

– Credits to E. Latigay. Mexita’s affordable good food.
– Credits to E. Latigay. Choosing what to order.
– From L-R. Jovet, Maria, Liz, Me, Zai and Ton. While waiting for the food
– From L-R. Ton, Zai and I. Patiently waiting for the food.
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– From L-R. Jovs, Maria, Liz, I, Zai and Zah.
– From L-R. Maria, Liz and I
–  Zai and I
Then the food was finally served! We really got excited that we just stared and savor the smell of the Special Mexita Pizza for around 5-10 minutes and as well managed to take pictures with it too. Since it’s food, taking pictures of it is just a mere habit. We also get to order Pancit Guisado to go hand in hand with the pizza. 

– Credits to E. Latigay. Special Mexita Pizza.
– From L-R. Jovs, Ton, Maria, Liz, I and Zai.
It was just so fun and as well we also enjoyed the jam. Too bad that Ate Rose was not there, since she has to attend to some important business, but she was able to make it up for us (see TMI Tuesday). And in the end, we were able to get our complete Group Shot

– From L-R. Jovs, Ton, Maria, Liz, I, Zai and Zah.
Next stop? Well that will still depend, but still looking for another happy and fun jam with these people.
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