Natural Organic Soap: The Power Of Real Extracts

You can’t deny the fact that many soaps nowadays tend to claim they can give you “this and that” but in the end just leave you frustrated and broke. Finding the best soap that works for you is really not easy and it usually takes one or more products to finally find the perfect regimen.

My friend, Jane, which suffered from severe acne breakouts (Acne Vulgaris) last year. She even started to be depressed and tried many soaps (even the most expensive ones) just to cure them. Failing so many times that it made her more depressed and even started giving up.

I too share the same dilemma. My pores are big which made me prone to having acne. Since the skin secretes more oil and attracts more dirt, the face or the body tends to be at risk of having breakouts and irritations.

Then, one day Jane’s dad and her family had an idea to make soaps that are made of natural ingredients. Since a lot of soaps usually contains harsh chemicals that worsens the case rather than soothe it. Thus, Nature’s Skin Soap was born.

 Nature’s Skin Soap

What Is Nature’s Skin Soap?

Nature’s Skin Soap is a home-made soap that is made out of 100% natural and organic ingredients. It contains no glycerin (an ingredient usually used by most manufacturers for making soaps) and no harsh chemicals. It is the kind of soap that is perfect for sensitive and acne prone skin.

Ingredients and Benefits of Organic Soaps

What Is It Made Of?

The Nature’s Skin Soap is made out of four (4) natural organic ingredients. 1) Oatmeal is best at cleansing the skin, locking in moisture, a remedy for itchy skin and it is good for exfoliation. 2) Calamansi on the other hand is a skin bleaching agent which makes the skin clearer and brighter. It also cleanses dirt, a good deodorizer which fights body odor. It also prevents acne and pimples because of the natural Vitamin C it contains. Also relieves itchiness. 3) Papaya is a nice ingredient that makes the skin lighter. It exfoliates and rejuvenates dry skin. Like calamansi, it also relieves acne and insect sting pains. Lastly, 4) Honey have antibacterial and antiseptic properties which heals cuts, scrapes, prevents acne and kills bacteria. It also minimizes the pores and a humectant at the same time. It is also an antioxidant and lightens the skin.

What It Is To Love About Nature’s Skin Soap?

The sweet and delightful smell of the soap. Since it is purely made out of organic and natural ingredients, you can definitely determine the ingredients just by having a sniff. Its aroma is just so good that you will indulge using it while taking a nice shower or just by washing your face.

It also gives you the effect it claims. Since it is made of organic ingredients, the effects are more evident. It also have a lot of benefits found in one (1) soap.

Since it contains no harsh chemicals, it is also friendly to my nose. Since I usually tend to sneeze because of the strong aroma and too much chemicals. It also doesn’t melt easily. Yes, I know that many beauty soaps usually shrinks easily but this one doesn’t. That’s why it usually last for a month or two.

I also love how their packaging. They are just so cute and simple. The nice about the packaging is that the smell are ventilated making it more aromatic. Even just by smelling at the wrapper makes you want to eat it all up.

How Does Nature’s Skin Soap Works?

Jane and I tried using the soap for about two (2) weeks and stop all facial and beauty products to see the soaps full result. I love how it made my skin brighter and clearer than before. It gives you that squeaky nice feeling every after use. It also gives me a nice lifting effect after washing making my pores tighter.

Jane started using the soap last year (August 2015) and the effects are just unbelievable. Her breakouts miraculously disappeared and it made her skin more beautiful as if the breakout never happened. Our co-workers and friends can attest to that.

Now many of our friends and co-workers are starting to be intrigued and started using the same soap. The feed backs have been great and it made the soaps in demand.

Nature’s Skin Soap | US $ 2.13 (Php 100.00)

Better outcomes after prolonged use is guaranteed with this soap. There are no false advertisement and I really love how these babies are available in a cheaper price. Organic, home-made and no added chemicals. The power of real extracts indeed. Grab yours now. 

For more pieces of advice on how to conquer your sensitive/acne-prone skin blues and have a try of this soap, send some love to her here Facebook

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