On Being 25: A Quarter Life Crisis

Life has always something to offer. It may be for a better version of you or something that usually hinders you from moving forward. Life is all about the bigger picture. We usually confine ourselves to be in the most comfortable zone as much as possible to avoid any particular failures or emotional struggles.

I do believe that as one ages, the more life tries to make us stronger and take the leap for what tomorrow and the future will give us. They may greet us with an open arms or they will give as a big slap on the face to make us realize that we are in reality and not to be stuck in our fantasies. So here are my 25 realizations, reflections and bucket lists that I want to attain before life hits me another year.

  1. I know that I am not that wise, but I want to be wiser this year and for the upcoming years.
  2. Money is not responsible for making the world go round, but it is needed to survive. That’s why before the year ends; I want to open my own savings account.
  3. Regressing is never the solution to any problems. I want to be mature enough to handle things and be logical in every decision I make. Maturity is a struggle for me but it’s time to be one.
  4. Being able to finally get my voice be heard. This is no time to be a snail in every situation that slaps me. It’s time to bring out the lioness in me.
  5. Procrastinate less. I want to be productive and be able to do things that I am passionate about.
  6. It may be cliché, that “Time is gold.”, but time is ticking faster than ever. I want to be cautious on how I spend it and be wiser (which brings us back to #1).
  7. Maybe try something new on my career path. I am still hoping for brighter days being a registered midwife and nurse.
  8. Pursue my mini/freelance drawing business.
  9. Be consistent enough to fill up my planner and follow my “Things To Do”.
  10. Start a mini album of my Instax captured moments.
  11. Have an illustration book for Yaba and Yobo’s Episodes. I’ve been planning on this one since last year hopefully I can pull this one.
  12. Start another mini business.
  13. Apply for a passport.
  14. Travel to five (5) new places in the country.
  15. Start learning calligraphy.
  16. Engage to a whole new level of being an artist by learning to use the color wheel and brush. Yes, I want to start painting.
  17. Finish and save more money through the 52-week money challenge.
  18. Be physically fit and have a more healthy lifestyle.
  19. Reviving the spiritual side of me by becoming more consistent with my devotion and prayer time.
  20. Read and finish at least one (1) book every month.
  21. Let go of the past and be thankful for the present.
  22. Cast fears aside and trust the Lord even more.
  23. Able to have another part-time job or freelancing to help me earn more.
  24. Try to expand my site and be able to increase more followers or friends via social networks.
  25. Be happy and always wear a smile.

Yes, it took me about time to finally get hold of my life once again and be able to get things done. I guess this is the effect of being an adult. I know it sounds like a new year’s resolution but I really want to start the year right and be able to make use of each passing day. Here’s to a new version of me.

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